Iamblichus, Life of Pythagoras, ad fin.
The most illustrious Pythagorean women include the following:

Timycha, the wife of Myllias the Crotonian
Philtis, the daughter of Theophrius the Crotonian
Byndacis, the sister of Ocellus and Occillus, of Lucania
Chilonis, the daughter of Chilon, the Lacedaemonian
Cratesiclea the Lacedaemonian, the wife of Cleanor the Lacedaemonian
Theano, the wife of Brontinus of Metapontum
Mya, the wife of Milon the Crotonian
Lasithenia the Arcadian
Abrotelia, the daughter of Abroteles of Tarentum
Echecratia of Phlius
Tyrsenis of Sybaris
Pisirrhonde of Tarentum
Nisileadusa the Lacedaemonian
Bryo of Argos
Babelyma of Argos
Cleaechmas, the sister of Autocharidas the Lacedaemonian.

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