PACTS to rule ROME


Lex Titia (Appian BC IV.7; Dio 46. 55, 47. 2, 47. 19; Suetonius Augustus27; Livy Epitome 120; Gellius XIV. 7.5)

Marcus Antonius Galliae, the East
Aemilius Lepidus Narbonensis, Hispaniae
Caesar Africa, Sicily, Sardinia

Appian Civil Wars IV. 1.2-3:


PACT OF BRUNDISIUM (September or October 40)

all Italy
Antonius Greek world, from Macedonia east
Lepidus Africa
Caesar the West, from Spain to Illyricum

Antonius married octavia, the sister of Caesar and widow of Claudius Marcellus.


PACT OF PUTEOLI [Misenum] (Summer of 39):

Antonius the East
Sextus Pompeius Peloponnesus and islands which he had captured

Plutarch Antonius 32-33.



Triumviral powers had run out
An additional five years of Triumviral Power (37-33)
Antony agreed to make war on Sextus Pompeius along with Caesar.
Antony transferred 120 ships to Caesar in exchange for 20,000 legionaries
(Caesar got the ships, Antony never got the soldiers)

Plutarch Antonius 35; Cassius Dio 48. 54.1-6; 49. 23.1.


WAR AGAINST POMPEIUS (Naulochus: September 3, 36)

Suetonius Augustus 16. 1; Appian Bellum Civile V. 116-122.


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