Gemma Augustea, showing the Imperial Family receiving Tiberius during a triumphal procession




The Emperor Augustus, during his lifetime, 'wore many hats', that is, appeared to various people in different capacities at various times. One of the arcana imperii was certainly his ability to mix and match these personae as needed, to achieve the maximum political and social effect upon Romans and their subjects. These functions were often carried out through intermediaries, praefecti and procuratores: see H.-G. Pflaum, Abrégé des procurateurs équestres (Paris : E. de Boccard, 1974), or his articles in Pauly-Wissowa, Realencyclopadie der classischen Altertumswissenschaft, for details and citations.




-fire protection: Vigiles
-police: Cohortes Urbani

-Administration of the annona Urbis
-warehouses: erection and maintenance (Rome/Ostia/Puteoli)
-shipping and distribution networks
-supervision of public slaves

-aqueducts (through Procurator Aquarum)
-public fountains
-bathing establishments
-banks of the Tiber River

-ludi (circenses, theatrales, etc.)
-parks and porticoes (Horti Caesaris, Horti Maecenatis, etc.)

-Supervision of activities of the priestly colleges (e.g. in connnection with the Ludi Saeculares
-care of temple buildings, shrines and altars
-funeral monuments
-religious ceremonies and pageants (regular and extraordinary)

-court space (e.g. Basilica Julia) and judicial administration (Augustus appointed, or recommended, half the Praetors)
-ward and district administration (through the Magistri vicorum, created by Augustus)
-maintenance of facilities: streets, walls, gates, etc. (Augustus appointed half the Aediles)




Food Supply

Water Supply:

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