63 B. C. September 23 BIRTH OF AUGUSTUS, at Rome (Suetonius Augustus 5, 6, 94).
ca. 50 . Funeral Oration for his grandmother Julia
48 October 18 Toga virilis (ceremony: became a man in law)

October In Spain with Julius Caesar: Battle of Munda
At Apollonia in Macedonia, with troops assembling for Caesar's eastern expedition.
44 March 15 Assassination of Julius Caesar, young Octavius' grandmother's brother.

  April 18 Back in Italy, at Naples
  April 19 Meeting with Cicero and Balbus (Cicero ad Att. 14. 10)
Puteoli, at Philippus' villa
Cumae, at Cicero's Villa
  early May In Rome: MEETING WITH ANTONY in Pompey's Gardens
43 April 14 Battle at Forum Gallorum. Antony defeated.
  April 14-27 Battle at Mutina (April 21): Antony defeated.
  May 24 Bononia. Antony and Lepidus join forces.
  August 19 First Consulate of Caesar, with his cousin Pedius
  October Meeting with Antony and Lepidus at the Island of Reni (near Bononia)
  November 27 Second Triumvirate legislated into existence for 5 years at Rome: Lex Titia (Appian BC IV.7; Dio 46. 55, 47. 2, 47. 19; Suetonius Augustus 27; Livy Epit. 120; Gellius XIV. 7.5)
Proscriptions: 130+ senators (Livy); 200 senators and 2000+ Equites (Appian)
–Only one ex-consul known (Cicero)

  The Campaign against the "Liberators" (Brutus and Cassius)
Triumviri had 43 legions + cavalry + auxilia
Finance: 1400 rich women ordered censused and assessed: failure.
Everyone with property of HS 400,000 to contribute 1 year's income.
  October 23 Battle of Philippi. Young Caesar was ill.
41 . Perusine War (Appian Bellum Civile V; Dio 48; Suetonius Augustus 12)

by July 5

Capture of Perusia; Caesar returns to Rome (Dio 48. 17).
Caesar leaves for Gaul and Spain (Dio 48. 20)
Caesar ill at Canusium and Brundisium (Appian V. 57)
Antonius marries Caesar's full-sister Octavia (child: Antonia, mother of the Emperor Claudius)
39 . Caesar marries Scribonia (child: Julia)

January 17

Caesar marries Livia, the pregnant wife of Ti. Claudius Nero. She already had one small child by Claudius Nero, named Tiberius. Drusus was born shortly after the marriage. Livia finally died in A. D. 29 at the age of 86.
36 September 3 Battle of Naulochus (off the coast of Sicily). The end of Lepidus' importance.
31 September 2 Battle of Actium: Defeat of Antonius and Cleopatra.
30 August Alexandria: Suicide of Antonius and Cleopatra.
29 August 13-15 Triple triumph of Caesar on his return to Rome
28 . Census
27 January 13 & 16 Restoration of the Republic (Res Gestae Divi Augusti 34)
Constitutional Settlement; name of Augustus awarded by Senate.
26 . Augustus leads the Spanish campaign


Augustus ill
Assassination attempt (led by Maecenas' brother-in-law)
Augustus gave up the consulship, and was given Tribunician Power
22 . Augustus tours the East (Athens, Ephesus, Syria, etc.) (Dio 54. 10)
19 October 12 Return of Augustus from the Eastern Tour: Fortuna Redux (Dio 54. 10)
18 . Lectio Senatus (revision of membership of the Senate) (Dio 54. 12).
17   Adoption of Gaius and Lucius Agrippa (Dio 54. 18)
  before May 24 Leges Iuliae de ordinibus maritandis
  May 31–June 3 Ludi Saeculares. Centennial Festival and games

16 February 17 Dedication of the Temple of Quirinus (Ovid Fasti 2. 509; Dio 54. 19)

. Tour of Gaul and Tour of Spain (Dio 54. 19)
(Augustus accompanied by Livia, Tiberius and Terentia)
13 July 4 Official date of Augustus' return from his western tour. Ludi pro reditu.
12 March 6 Augustus elected Pontifex Maximus, in succession to Lepidus.
  March 19-23 Augustus travels to Campania with Agrippa (Dio 54. 28)
  Summer Augustus in Aquileia, meeting with Herod the Great (Josephus 16. 4)

May 4

Grand Opening of the Theater of Marcellus (who died in 23)
(Suetonius Aug. 43).
10   Augustus in Aquileia with Livia and Julia; journey to Gaul with Tiberius and Drusus
  August 1 Dedication of the Altar of the Three Gauls at Lyons
9 January 1 with Tiberius in Ticinum
  September 14 Funeral of Drusus in Rome (Dio 55. 4)
8 . Census. Lectio Senatus.
7   Games for Augustus' return from Gaul (Dio 55. 8)
7/6 ? . Birth of Jesus, son of Mary, in Bethlehem, Province of Judaea
6 . Augustus ill in Rome (Suetonius Tiberius 11.
5 January 1 Augustus consul XII. He introduces his heir Gaius Caesar in the Forum.

January 1 Augustus consul XIII. He introduces his other heir Lucius Caesar in the Forum.
Augustus voted the title Pater Patriae.
  August 1 Dedication of the Forum Augustum and Temple of Mars Ultor
The Julia Scandal.
A.D. 4 July Lectio Senatus Extension of Tribunicia potestas for ten years for Augustus and Tiberius
6-8   Augustus in Ravenna (Suetonius Augustus 20), and Rimini (Suet. Augustus 30; Dio 55. 34)
9 early Summer Reception of Tiberius in Rome (Suetonius Tiberius 17)
12   Augustus' letter to Livia about Claudius (Suetonius Claudius 4)
13 January 16 Triumph of Tiberius (Suetonius Tiberius 20)
  April 3 Augustus wrote his Last Will and Testament and the Res Gestae Divi Augusti.
14 May 11 Census.
  July 24-25 Augustus and Tiberius leave Rome for the East (Dio 55. 29)
  August 9 Departure of Tiberius for the Balkans
  August 16 Return of Tiberius to Brundisium, summoned by Livia
  August 19 Death of Imperator Caesar Augustus, at his villa at Nola, aged 76.
  September Augustus deified by Senatorial Decree

There is a very full treatment of events and dates in the life of Augustus, with full citations, in
Viktor Gardthausen, Augustus und seine Zeit   2 volumes in 6 parts (Leipzig: B. G. Teubner 1900-1904).

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