PINDAR of Thebes

A List of the epinikia


1 476 kales Hieron of Syracuse Tyrant of Gela (485-478), and of Syracuse (478-466)
2 476 tethrippon Theron of Akragas Tyrant of Akragas (488-472). Cadmean intermarried with Syracusan tyrants.
3 476 tethrippon Theron of Akragas Gelon was his son-in-law, and then Polyzelus
4 452 tethrippon Psaumis of Camarina Camarina in southern Italy was a colony of Syracuse
5 448 ? tethrippon Psaumis of Camarina he was a free citizen
6 472 ? mule-chariot Hegesias of Syracuse A citizen, descended from one of the co-founders; also a citizen of Stymphalos in Arcadia
7 464 boxing (pykte) Diagoras of Rhodes His father was probably prytanis of Ialysos on Rhodes. He was a descendant of the Eratidai, who were Herakleidai.
8 460 boys' wrestling Alcimedon of Aegina A member of the Blepiadai, descendants of Aeacus; his brother won at Nemea
9 468 wrestling Epharmostos of Opos A friend or relative of a proxenos of Thebes.
10 476 boys' boxing Hagesidamos of Lokris in southern Italy
11 476 boys' boxing Hagesidamos of Lokris in southern Italy
12 472 dolichos Ergoteles of Himera An exile from Knossos in Crete, now a citizen of Himera in Sicily
13 464 stadion & pentathlon Xenophon of Corinth His father, Thessalos, won the stadion in 504; Xenophon previously won twice at the Isthmia and once at Nemea.
14 488? stadion for boys Asopichos of Orchomenos in Boeotia, northwest of Thebes


1 470 tethrippon Hieron of Aetna in Sicily. Hieron of Syracuse was the founder of Aetna. This victor is also celebrated by Bacchylides (Ode 4)
2 478 ? tethrippon Hieron of Syracuse in the Theban Iolaia, not a Pythian Victory
3 474 ? keles Hieron of Syracuse victories of the horse Pherenikos in 482, 478 and (at Olympia) in 476.
4 462 tethrippon Ackesilas of Cyrene son of Battos IV, king of Cyrene
5 462 tethrippon Arkesilas of Cyrene the Charioteer was brother of the Queen of Cyrene
6 490 tethrippon Xenokrates of Akragas younger brother of Theron of Akragas; Xenokrates' son drove the chariot
7 456 tethrippon Megakles of Athens son of Hippokrates, nephew of Kleisthenes of Athens, and thus great-grandson of Alkmaion and of the tyrant of Sikyon, Kleisthenes
8 446 wrestling for boys Aristomenes of Aegina one uncle had won at Olympia, another at the Isthmos
9 476 hoplitodromos Telesikrates of Cyrene also won the stadion in 474; a descendant of Alexidamos
10 498 diaulos for boys Hippokles of Thessaly of Pelinna. His father had won twice at Olympia, once at Delphi
11 476 stadion for boys Thrasydaios of Thebes of a wealthy and illustrious family. His father won a Pythian victory and another family member the tethrippon at Olympia
12 490 flute Midas of Akragas also won for the flute in 486. Midas taught Lamprokles of Athens, who taught Sophokles the dramatist.


1 476 ? tethrippon Chromios of Aetna a Heraklid, originally from Gela; he married the sister of Gelon the Tyrant, and was a general of Hieron, Gelon's brother
2 485 ? pankration Timodemos of Acharnaia in Athens. He belonged to the aristocratic family of Timodemidai
3 475 ? pankration Aristokleides of Aegina He belonged to a guild of Festival-Envoys from Aegina to Delphi
4 473 ? boys' wrestling Timesarchos of Aegina father of a musician, grandfather of a poet, uncle of a victor at the Isthmian Games. Member of the family of Theandridai.
5 485 ? boys' wrestling Pytheas of Aegina son of Lampon; his younger brother won the pankration in 484 and 480 at the Isthmian Games.
6 463 ? boys' wrestling Alkimidas of Aegina belonged to the clan of the Bassidai, who were Herakleidai.
7 485 ? boys' pankration Sogenes of Aegina a member of the clan of the Euxenidai
8 459 ? diaulos Deinias of Aegina son of Megas, a Nemean victor, member of the clan of the Chariadai
[9] 474 ? tethrippon Chromios of Aetna [not really a Nemean Ode; from the chariot races at Sikyon]
[10] 463 ? wrestling Theseus of Argos [not really a Nemean Ode; from the Hekatomboea of Hera at Argos]
[11] 446 ? political Aristagoras of Tenedos [not an epinikion; on the occasion of his election as Prytanis of the Boule at Tenedos].


1 458 ? tethrippon Herodotus of Thebes son of Asopodoros, son of Timander of Thebes
2 472 ? tethrippon Xenocrates of Akragas  
[3] 477 tethrippon Melissos of Thebes [chariot race at Nemea] a descendant of Kleonymos, a relative of the Labdakidai.
4 478 ? pankration Melissos of Thebes  
5 476 pankration Phylakidas of Aegina brother of Pytheas, son of Lampon
6 484 ? pankration Phylakidas of Aegina  
7 456 ? pankration Strapsiades of Thebes  
8 478 ? pankration Kleandros of Aegina won at Nemea in 479; his cousin won at the Isthmian Games


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