343/2 Macedonia Aristotle becomes tutor to Alexander, son of King Philip II. Aristotle died in 322 B. C., in exile from Athens–to which he had returned after Alexander set off for Asia in 334.
338 Battle of Chaeroneia defeat of the forces of Thebes and Athens by Philip and Alexander.
336 Assassination of Philip II .
335 Destruction of Thebes .
334 Expedition of Alexander to Asia begins Battle of the Granicus (May)
333 Cilicia Battle of the Issus (September)
Defeat of King Darius III
332 Siege of Tyre Alexander becomes Pharaoh in Egypt
331 Alexandria Foundation of Alexandria 'next-to-Egypt'
331 Assyria Battle of Gaugamela (September)
330 Persia Sack of Persepolis (January)
Darius III is murdered by his satraps (July)
Philotas conspiracy (autumn0 [Plutarch Alexander 48-49.]
329 Samarkand Murder of Clitus (Summer) [Plutarch, 50-51.]
327 .
Alexander marries Roxane. 30,000 young Persians recruited to be trained as 'Greek' soldiers.
Conspiracy of the Pages. Hermalaus. Execution of the historian Callisthenes, nephew of Aristotle [Plutarch, 52-55.]
326 Pakistan Campaign against Poros
The Army Mutiny [Plutarch, 60-62.]
325 . Alexander wounded in a battle against the Mallians.
March through the Gedrosian desert.
324 Persia Alexander at Susa: reorganization of the army and the administration.
Mass marriage of Greeks and Persians: Alexander marries Stateira, the daughter of Darius (who is later murdered by Roxana) [Plutarch, 70-71.]
Alexander demands recognition from the Greeks as a god.
Death of Alexander's Friend, Hephaestion (Autumn) [Plutarch, ch. 72.]
323 Babylon Alexander returns to Babylon (May)
Alexander falls ill with a fever on 18 Daisios (June 2)
Alexander dies at Babylon on the evening of 28 Daisios (June 12, 323); he was in his 33rd year [Plutarch, 76-77.]

The Army proclaims Philip III Arrhidaios and the newborn Alexander IV (son of Roxana) as Kings. This was managed by Perdikkas (who became one of the 'Successors', Diadochi).
323 Greece
Outbreak of the Lamian War, and revolt of the Greek mainland states against Antipater, the Regent of Macedonia, and his son Krateros–who had become the guardian of Philip III [Plutarch Demosthenes 27.]
322 Greece Battle of Krannon: flight of Demosthenes from Athens; he commits suicide [Plutarch Demosthenes 28-30.]
Death of Aristotle
321 .
Perdikkas, Regent for Alexander IV, is killed while trying to invade Egypt, where Alexander's general Ptolemy son of Lagos had installed himself. Ptolemy had kidnapped Alexander's mummy and buried it (eventually) in Alexandria, thus qualifying himself to be Alexander's successor as Pharaoh in Egypt. He assumed the Greek title of Basileus in 305/4, after Antigonus and his son Demetrios had done so [Plutarch Demetrios 17-19.]
317 Macedonia Olympias (mother of Alexander III, widow of Philip II) executes Philip III Arrhidaios and his wife Eurydice.
310 Macedonia Kassander, son of the Regent Antipater, murders Alexander IV and his mother Roxane.
301 Cilicia Battle of the Kings at Ipsos. Death of Antigonus and the end of the power of Demetrios Poliorcetes.

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