Sede Vacante 1314

April 20, 1314 — August 7, 1316


Inventarium thesauri Clementis pape V
(April 23, 1314)

Joseph de Loye, Les archives de la chambre apostolique au XIVe siècle  1re partie: Inventaire (Paris 1899), p. 6:



Thesaurus antiquus. In nomine Domini amen.

Anno Domini millesimo CCCXIIII, die XXIII mensis aprilis, per obitum domini Clementis pape V, apostolica sede vacante, discretus vir dominus Guillelmus Raymundi, sacrista Lugdunensis, thesaurius, de mandato collegii dominorum cardinalium in presentia reverendorum in Chirsto patrum dominorum Nicolay, Ostiensis episcopi; Berengarii, tituli ss. Nerei et Archilei (sic) presbyteri; et Neapolionis, s. Adriani diaconi cardinalis, assignavit thesaurum, in praesenti rotulo conscriptum, reverendo in Christo patri domino Arnaldo, Albanensi episcopo, sedis predicte camerario.



Arnaud d'Aux, Gascon, of La Romieu or Larromieu, in the diocese of Cahors, cousin of Pope Clement V.   Suburbicarian Bishop of Albano.  Canon of Coutances.  Canon of Comminges. Vicar General of Bordeaux.   Bishop of Poitiers (1306-1312) [Gallia christiana 2 (1720), 1188-1190].  Papal Chamberlain [Rymer Foedera 3, 312 (April 1, 1312)].  Nuncio in England, with Cardinal Arnaud Nouvel, OCist, of S. Prisca, to arrange a peace between King Edward II and the English nobility (1312)—after the murder of Piers Gaveston [Rymer, Foedera 3, 349 (September 28, 1312)]; the Cardinal and Bishop were appointed on May 14, 1312 [Bliss, Calendar of Entries in the Papal Registers relating to Great Britain and Ireland II (1895), pp. 104-107], and were still in England in March, 1313 [Bliss, Calendar of Entries in the Papal Registers relating to Great Britain and Ireland II (1895), p. 117].  On December 22, 1313, Arnaud d'Aux was one of three cardinals appointed to absolve or impose the appropriate penalties on the Master, Visitor and Preceptors of the Knights Templars [Regestum Clementis V, 10337].  Camerlengo from May 19, 1312 to July 23, 1319.




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