Rare World War II Prints Available For Donation

My father-in-law was a Captain in the 298th Engineer Combat Battalion during World War II and was with them on their support drive from Normandy to the Rhine. They cleared roads and mine fields and built and re-built bridges. Many of these typical combat engineering scenes were depicted in a series of pencil and charcoal drawings by the official artist-in-residence of the 663rd Engineer Company. All officers involved in this campaign were given prints of these 1944 and 1945 drawings. My father-in-law annotated many of the drawings and sent them back home to his wife.

He would now like to donate these twenty-five prints--fourteen with personal annotations--to a non-profit historical or educational research institution, preferably in the Los Angeles area. The donor would appreciate any advice or information (from the receiving institution or any other knowledgeable source) about obtaining a reasonable appraisal of these historical prints from an appropriate appraiser in the Los Angeles area so that he may file the Noncash Charitable Contributions Form 8283 for tax purposes. If you are interested, have advice about appraisals and appraisers, or need more information, please contact Warren Wedin at warren.wedin@csun.edu

All the prints are unframed and have printed on the white space in either the lower right or the lower left corner: "Reproduced by 663rd Engineer Co. U.S. Army, 1945." Shown below are three typical examples.

To see the complete catalog of all twenty-five prints (about 500 K)--with Title, Date, Image and Paper Size, and Personal Annotations--click here.

Rare Historical War Prints Available For Donation

Warren Wedin <warren.wedin@csun.edu>

10 January 1996