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Newsgroups (Electronic Bulletin Boards) Which Discuss Social Studies and Other Educational Issues

K-12 Social Studies. A newsgroup devoted to social studies issues. You can read what other teachers think and you can post your own messages.

Miscellaneous Educational Issues. Do you have a question about classroom management? Discipline? Cooperative learning? Need a job? Why not select this newsgroup and ask your fellow teachers for their ideas?

Moderated History Newsgroup. All types of topics dealing with historical themes are discussed by people from around the Internet.

Talk About History. Talk About History is an interactive forum sponsored by HistoryNet devoted to discussion of history and history-related topics. Titles of the discussion areas to which you can post messages include: Talking History, Book Talk, Travel Talk, The Civil War, and Military History.

Mailing Lists

H-Net's Electronic Discussion Lists. The site provides links to a wide variety of internet mailing lists of interest to social studies teachers and students. The lists enable users to share information and ideas and are moderated and maintained by H-Net's editors. Information on how to subscribe to the mailing lists and receive the e-mail messages posted there is included.

NCSS Listserv. The Instructional Technology Committee of National Council for the Social Studies has established a listserv (Internet mailing list) for teachers to share information and ideas about social studies education in grades K-12 and in teacher education. Information is provided on how to subscribe to the mailing list and receive e-mail messages posted there.

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