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LEE MAREK is an AP & chemistry teacher at Naperville North High School in Naperville, Illinois, with over 33 years of teaching experience. Among the awards Lee has received are the Dreyfus Master Teacher (83), Governors Master Teacher (84), Sigma Xi Outstanding Teacher Award (85, Recognized for outstanding science program by the Chicago Sun Times when Naperville North H.S. was voted one of "Ten Best Illinois High Schools" (85), Distinguished Science Educator (86), Awarded Citation for Excellence to INTECH (Young Engineers and Scientists Competition) by the Corridor Group, Presidential Award for Excellence in Science Teaching (86, Davison Award for Excellence in Teaching High School Chemistry (87 - Chemical Industries Council, regional Catalyst Award Midwest - Chemist's Manufacturers Association (88), ACS Great Lakes Regional Award for High School Chemistry (90), IMPACT Awardee (90), Christa McAuliffe Fellow (92, 93), Tandy Technology Scholar Award for Outstanding Teachers (91), "Those Who Excel Award of Excellence for Outstanding Contributions to Illinois Education from the State Board of Education, Sigma Xi Special Award from Chicago Section for Contributions to Education in the Chicago Area (92), Voted the Outstanding Teacher of the Year by students and faculty Naperville North High School (92), Association of Science and Technology Centers Honor Roll of Teachers (92), performed chemistry demonstration in Congress (92), National Catalyst Award for Excellence in Chemistry Teaching from the Chemical Manufactures Association (93), National James Bryant Conant Award in High School Chemistry Teaching from the American Chemical Society (94), Phoenix Award (ACS) (93), Golden Apple Award (98). He was a Woodrow Wilson Chem Team leader and is now a Flinn Team leader. Lee has also become a regular on "The David Letterman Show" and Bozo Show. He has a kids' science book in your local bookstore!!
Lee received a B.S. degree in 1968 from the University of Illinois (in Chemical Engineering), and M.S. degrees from the Roosevelt University in Chemistry and Physics. In 1974 he joined the staff at Naperville North High School where he established its chemistry program. While he has taught at Naperville North H.S. for past twenty five years, he has augmented his training by taking courses at Argonne National Laboratories, University of California at Berkeley, Aurora University, Eastern Michigan University, University of Texas, DePaul University, Governors State University, Sand Diego State, Pennsylvania State, University of Wisconsin, La Crosse and Madison, Princeton University, Fermi National Accelerator Lab, Chicago State University, Harper Community College, SUNY, and Loyola University. He is presently a Dreyfus Master Teacher at Princeton.

Lee and his associates of Chemistry West, a Chicago area chemistry teacher's alliance network, have presented over 500 chemistry demonstration programs locally and nationally. His teaching efforts have been recognized in the following publications: Education Week, USA Today, Chemical and Engineering News, Time, People, Chicago magazine, Today, Illinois Quarterly Magazine, The Kansas City Star, Chicago Tribune, Daily Herald, and Associated Press.
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DEWAYNE LIENEMAN has taught chemistry and Advanced Placement chemistry for over 25 years at Glenbard South High School. DeWayne has been recognized for his professional excellence with a Sigma Xi Award, Association of Science and Technology Centers Honor Roll of Teachers and was a Illinois Presidential Award Finalist in 1989. He was selected as a Woodrow Wilson Master Teacher in 1989 and was on a Woodrow Wilson chemistry team specializing in environmental chemistry and now on a Flinn Team. He is retired from a position at Chicago State University & the University of Illinois where he drove a chemistry van to various schools in Chicago to help increase the lab programs in the Chicago schools.
MIKE ROADRUCK is beginning his 33rd year of teaching, his 22nd at Ottawa Hills High School, in Toledo Ohio. Among the awards he as received are the following: Acker Outstanding Teacher by the OAS (78, 87); Jenning's Scholar (82); State Presidential Award for Excellence in Science Teaching (84, (86, 87); Sigma Xi "High School Science Teacher of the Year" (85); Buell Award, outstanding graduate student (87); "Teacher of the Year"-Principal's award (87); Phi Delta Kappa "Outstanding Researcher" Award (89); Chemical Manufacturers Association Regional Catalyst Award (91); American Chemical Society Central Region Award (95); Lucas County "I Make a Difference" Award (96, 98).
Mike received a BS degree in 1970 from the Ohio State University, Columbus, in education with a chemistry major and math minor and a MA 1974 in Science Education and PhD 1988 in Curriculum and Instruction from the University of Toledo, Toledo, Ohio. His dissertation focused on "Teacher Attitudes Towards Chemical Demonstrations: Barriers to Utilization".
Mike taught earth science, chemistry, biochemistry, independent honors science, and remedial 9th grade science at Coshocton High School, Coshocton, Ohio (70, 71). At the University of Toledo (71-present) he has served as a part-time instructor in chemistry, environmental chemistry, laboratory chemistry, and Science Education. Since 1981 he has taught a variety of courses at Ottawa Hills High School including chemistry (honors, and accelerated), honors physical science, honors algebra, and computer applications.
Mike has also served as Area Director for Science Education Council of Ohio(SECO) (77-79); Editor of SECO NEWSLETTER (79-87); President-elect, succeeding to President and Past-President SECO (88-90); Editor of SECO Journal - AGORA (90-present); NSTA Report Advisory Committee (84-89); Toledo Edison Energy Education Advisory Board (85-92); NSTA Regional Convention Program Committee, (8(8); Ohio Department of Education Science Advisory Council (86-93); Toledo Section of the American Chemical Society Education Officer (87-present); Ohio Board of Regents Grants Evaluator (89, 94); Ohio Academy of Science Journal Editorial Board (90-93) ; Ohio Department of Education Blue Ribbon Commission on Mathematics and Science Education (90-91); Buckeye Assessment Team for Science (93-96); Ohio Science Proficiency Exam 12th Grade Content Committee (94-present); Program Evaluator: OBR Grant-Development of a Human Genetics Specialist Program for H.S. Biology Teachers (93); Level Setting Committee- National Assessment of Educational Progress (96); Tours Director- SECO Convention (97).
In addition to all these activities, Mike acts regularly as judge at local, district and state level science fairs, science Olympiad and other science competitions. He has been both a participant and presenter at numerous NSTA, Science Education Council of Ohio (SECO), Ohio Academy of Science (OAS), and CHEMED conferences. As a consultant to the Ohio Department of Education and as an independent consultant he conducted numerous in-service workshops for secondary, middle and elementary teachers of science. As a Dreyfus Master Teacher for Woodrow Wilson Teacher Outreach Program he conducted workshops for chemistry teachers across the U.S. Mike is now as a member of a Flinn chemistry teachers team who bring ideas for intentional instruction to chemistry teachers across the country.
Mike is an active member of the National Science Teachers Association (Life), American Chemical Society, Phi Delta Kappa, Phi Kappa Phi, Ohio Academy of Science (Life), Science Education Council of Ohio, The Le Chatelier Society, Ohio Education Association, Ottawa Hills Education Association. He has also published in Journal of Chemical Education on "Chemical Demonstrations: Learning Theory Suggests Caution" December (93). His dissertation focused on "Teacher Attitudes Towards Chemical Demonstrations: Barriers to Utilization".