Shotokan Karate-do (Kanji)

Please join us in Room B1 to visit and watch a training session.

Last updated on: 8/26/2013

Welcome Fall 2013 Matadors!

Did you know that some of the best Karate instruction in California can be experienced in a small gym right here at CSUN? Perhaps you have always been interested in the martial arts but could not find a good school or a legitimate instructor. Look no further, because you search has brought you to just the right place!

The CSUN Karate Club is one of the oldest university Karate clubs in California, with our history going back to the 60s. We have been very lucky to have had the continuous privilege of being taught by one of the top Karate instructors in the world, Hiroyasu Fujishima Sensei, 8th Dan SKIF. We present a great opportunity to CSUN students to learn Karate personally from Fujishima Sensei, who still teaches every single class with full vigor and passion, even as he approaches his 70s!

Karate develops a strong, flexible body, and simultaneously instills a sense of discipline, diligence and perseverance through participation in intense training sessions! You might even break a sweat from just observing one of our trainings!

To those who are curious to train with us in Shotokan Karate, we invite you to browse around our site. We train four times a week (see Calendar) in various locations. You're welcome to stop by and observe (see Location), but remember to respect the rules and not disturb the practice.

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