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GayanÉ Hagopian, Ph.D.
Language: a Mysterious Grace


Syllabus Ling 417

Study Guide


Armenian For Everyone

Western and Eastern Armenian in Parallel Lessons.Caravan Books, Ann Arbor. 2005-2007

Invitation to Booksigning

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Table of Contents

Western Armenian Lesson 3

Eastern Armenian Lesson 3

Western Armenian Lesson 9

Eastern Armenian Lesson 9

Western Armenian Lesson 14

Eastern Armenian Lesson 14

Appendix 3: Alphabet

Appendix 8: Verbs

Appendix 13: Orthography

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Workplace Armenian

Emergency Armenian for Firefighters:GCC, lendale CA. 2005

Age Terms in Armenian: Semantic System and Historical Development. Monograph Publishing House of the National Academy of Sciences: Yerevan (in Armenian) 1995

Armenia and Armenians in the World. Editor. American University of Armenia: Yerevan-Moscow. 1994

Current Research:

Wisdom of Ages. See draft

Teaching & Research Interests:

I teach, ergo I  think

  • The interlace between the mind, language, and reality.
  • Language variation and i nterdisciplinary studies
  • Language acquisition cognition, bilingualism
  • Teacher education, development and assessment
  • Metaphor theory and  Paremia

Ling Handouts

for Students

  1. Language Competence
  2. Pragmatics
  3. Conversation
  4. CAH
  5. Typical Vocabulary of a Two Years Old
  6. Iceberg Hypothesis
  7. Communicative Competence
  8. FLA
  9. Conversation Structure

Articles on Counting and FAE

Researchers counting on animals for clues to math

Playing the Language Game

Evidence adds up that monkeys can count

Fundamental Attributions Error

Differences between FLA and SLA


Professor of Linguistics and Armenian Studies


Gayane HagopianOffice:  328 Santa Susanna

Phone 818.677.7839

Fax 818.677.7094

Office Hours vary per semester

Mail Box: 8251


Mailing Address:

Linguistics Department

California State University, Northridge

18111 Nordhoff Street,

Northridge, CA 91330


Ph.D. in Linguistics and History of Armenian, Linguistics Institute of the Academy of Science, Armenia, 1987 

MA & BA in Philology, Yerevan State University, Yerevan, Armenia, 1980




Selected Professional Publications:(1)

Armenian Proverbs and Biblical Scripture 2008. Journal of the Society of Armenian Studies 17, pp 43-78.

Armenian for Everyone: Western and Eastern Armenian in Parallel Lessons. 2007, Second Edition, Glendale, CA. 2005 First Edition, Caravan Books, Ann Arbor, MI. 518 pages.

Conventional Metaphors: A Cognitive Study. Materials of the 6th International Conference of Armenian Linguistics. Paris: INALCO The National Institute of Oriental Languages and Civilizations. 2003

Fixed Forms for Language Learners. Center for Slavic and East European Studies Newsletter, Spring 2000, Vol 17, No 1. UC Berkeley.

Semantic System Level Etymology, Messenger of Humanities of the Academy of Sciences of Armenia, v. 3. 124-134. (in Armenian) 1991

Kinship Terms in Armenian: Semantic System and Historical Development: Publishing House SCIENCE, NASRA. Monograph approved for publication by the Institute of Linguistics, 1990. In Press


Selected Presentations at Professional conferences and Colloquia in English (2) 

The Tale of the Poor Girl. Raffi’s Stories on Iranian Armenian Life. Armenian Communities of Iran, May 14-16, 2004. UCLA, Los Angeles.

Parallels between the Armenian Proverbs and the Bible. Second International Conference on Arts and Humanities, Honolulu, Hawaii. 01/10/04

Symptoms of Language Death. A Case Study. 7th International Conference of Armenian Linguistics. 1st International Conference on Modern Western Armenian. University of Michigan, Ann Arbor 10/04/03

Language Pedagogy Workshop. Fifth Annual Middle East Studies Conference. UC Santa Barbara, CA 3/22/03

Conventional Metaphors: Sixth International Conference of Armenian Linguistics. Paris: The National Institute of Oriental Languages and Civilizations. INALCO. July 5-9, 1999

Baptismal Terms and the Ideological Shift in the Society: An Interdisciplinary Study. Center for Slavic and East European Studies, UC Berkeley. 3/22/ 1996

Sociocentric Kin Terms: Skndik. The Seventh UCLA Indo-European Annual Conference. 5/26/1995

Aging is the Only Way to live Long: On the Semantic system of Age Terms in Armenian. UC Berkeley Indo-European Colloquium. 11/1994

The Origin of Armenian Kinship Terms. UCLA Indo-European Colloquium 12/1994

Selected Presentations at Invited lectures (3)


Mentality in Proverbs. A Comparative Study of Armenian and English Proverbs. University of Chicago. Armenian Studies Program 09/05/03


Problems in Second Language Acquisition. What Can Proverbs Tell? Center for Slavic and East European Studies, UC Berkeley. 4/7/1999


Three scores and a half is not to equal 70. Phoenix University, San Francisco 6/2/1997


The Seventh Unpredictable Year. Armenian Professional Society Monthly Meeting. 1/28/1995

Selected Popular Publications on Linguistics (4)


Number Symbolism: The Rational of Numbers in Paremia. in Nor Hayastan “New Armenia”, Feb 24, vol. 15, Issues 35-38,  Los Angeles (in Armenian) 2006


The Universal and Cultural in Proverbs: Based on Proverb Equivalency in Armenian and English. New Armenia, vol. XIV Issue 153 Los Angeles (in Armenian) 2005


Number Symbolism in Proverbs. Ashxarhi Shurj: 122, Los Angeles  (in Armenian) 8/2004 


English Addiction or Mania for English, Hayk, 8 (161). Yerevan, Armenia (in Armenian) 1993


Pure Language or Canned Language?  Republic of Armenia, Feb. 16, Armenia. 1993


On the Language and on the Law for Language.  Republic of Armenia, May 23, Yeravan. 1993

Selected Short Stories (5)

Seven Days. Ashxarhi Shurj: Los Angeles, CA 1998

Encounter. From the stories of the Cab Driver. Hayk 1993à no link

December 7, 1988. From the stories of the Cab Driver. Hayk 49, 11 Dec. 1993

Little Rat. Aragast, Women’s Weekly, June, 17, 1992

Selected Translations (6)

 Zen Flash, Zen Bones, Selected Zen Stories, March, Ashkharhi Shoorj, Los Angeles 2006

Quotes. in New Armenia, vol. XIV Issue 75 Los Angeles 2005

Noah’s Ark by Dave Ballsiger and C.E. Sellier,  Published in Ashkharhi Shoorj, a monthly Magazine, Los Angeles. 1994 in Yerevan, local periodicals. Translation from English. 1999.

The Happy Man’s Shirt.  Spanish folk tale. Developed by Los Padre Louis Colomba. Published in Hayk, 28 (181) June 29. Translation from Spanish. 1993

Life After Life, by R. Moody. Published in Local Periodicals and in 1997, in the Armenian Monthly Magazine Ashkharhi Shoorj. Also broadcast by Armenian State radio in 1992. Translation from English. 1991