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Annual Competition

Information for all Current Interns

What is annual Competition?

  • This year's Annual Breakfast will be on Nov 9, 2018. All sponsors. interns and their supervisors are cordially invited to this event. A full Breakfast Buffet starts at 8:00 AM. On this morning four interns will compete by making 12 minute presentations each. The theme of the presentations will be what the interns have done and achieved during the co-op internship. The four will be selected through a competitive selection process, described below. All interns are required to participate in the selection process by submitting an abstract and a PowerPoint presentation (see below). Each intern is also expected to attend the Annual Breakfast event. 20% of the CECS494HCC grade for the fall semester comes from the material you submit for the competition. The timeline/deadlines for the various steps are shown in the HC calendar.
  • Place:  University Club (Click here for map)   Time 8:00 - 11:00
  • Each of presenter  will also be honored with a  Certificate of Recognition by the college of engineering and computer science.

Why Should You Complete?

  • You will be a showcase for the college - the honor student among the honor students!
  • You will get a chance to present your achievements to many company engineering managers, HR representatives, college faculty and fellow students. This could be a significant opportunity to showcase your talent.
  • Of course, there is the prize money- but we think that you will want to compete for the recognition and the prestige.
  • You will be prepared early for writing the end of semester report; a good deal of the material you prepare for the competition can be includable in that report.

Part One

Step 1

Prepare and submit abstract and slides

Submit an abstract  and a set of  preliminary PowerPoint slides .     ALL CURRENT YEAR INTERNS ARE EXPECTED TO PARTICIPATE IN THIS STEP.    See the HC website Calendar for submission deadlines.

The abstract should be between half a page to a page of typed text,  describing the content of your presentation.  Describe what projects or tasks you have been working on (working on a single project/task is fine).  Describe how these projects/tasks have helped your employer.  Please be specific on the benefits- no generalized statements such as "it makes my company profitable".  Mention your role(s) in these projects and tasks.  What new knowledge or experience have you gained?  If you have something else of significance that you would like to mention then please do so.

Include your name, phone # and your company's name in the abstract.

email your abstract to by the deadline shown in the calendar in the HC website.   Make sure that the subject line has the format
Subject:  abstract-your last name

Example  abstract-bruno                  note  everything is in lower case

Prepare a set of Powerpoint slides.  No more than 10 to 12 slides.  Make the slides interesting; include graphics, photographs, etc. not use just words!  

email your preliminary presentation slides to  Make sure that the subject line has the format
Subject:  slides-your last name

Example  slides-bruno                     note  everything is in lower case

Step 2

Faculty and staff will select eight semifinalists.

If you are selected as a semi-finalist, then rehearse your presentation.  Make sure that you can do a good presentation within 10 to 12 minutes.  Then on the appointed day make a presentation to faculty and staff.  Receive feedback and suggestions.  See the HC website Calendar for date, time and place.

If you were not selected as a semi-finalist, you still have accomplished a great deal.  The abstract and the PowerPoint slides will be use in writing your end of semester report.

Step 3


 All interns are welcome to attend and help select  the four finalists. 

If your are a semifinalist, then you will  make presentations to staff and faculty at CSUN room JD4508 D.  You can revise and modify the presentations from the original submission.  You should practice and time your presentation to make perfect.   These presentations will be made using an LCD projector and a college laptop.   Please email your revised presentation to by 5:00 pm the day before the semifinal.  This is mandatory to do virus checks and load the material on the laptop.  TO AVOID THE RISK OF VIRUS AND OTHER MALWARE, SUBMISSIONS MUST BE VIA EMAILED ATTACHMENTS.   PLEASE DO NOT PLAN BRINGING USB THUMB DRIVES OR CD/DVDS.  

Faculty and staff will select four finalists.   Selection will be based on multiple criteria such as: achievements reported,  quality of the presentation material, presentation skills, and the field of study and evaluations received from other interns present during the semifinal.  The four finalists will receive comments and suggestions from the faculty for improving the slides and presentation styles.

Step 4

The Annual Breakfast Day Competition

All current interns are expected to attend the honors Co-Op annual breakfast.   I would like to ask you to invite your supervisor to the breakfast (we serve a great breakfast catered by the University Club).  Attendance and participation contributes 5% towards your  CECS494HCC class grade.

If you are a finalist, then please revise and update your presentation using the suggestions made to you during the semi final.  Rehearse your presentation.  These presentations will be made on an LCD projector using a college laptop.   Please email your revised presentation to by 5:00 PM, the day before the Annual Breakfast.

Winners are judged by the industry representatives (no faculty, stuff, or intern participation in the judging)

Hints and guidelines

Links to helpful sites, sample abstracts and presentations are available from the email sent to the interns.  They are not accessible from this website.