Height/Weight Tables

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The most popular height/weight tables in the US are the Metropolitan Height/weight Tables, which were revised in 1983. They were created by an insurance company. Weight ranges listed are associated with the lowest risk of mortality for a given height. There are tables for males and females, and appropriate weight ranges are separated by frame size.

One caveat of the Metropolitan Tables is that the data used to create the tables were from an insured (mostly Caucasian) population and may not be appropriate for all individuals. In addition, the tables do not take into consideration body composition.

Another height/weight table is the "Suggested Weights for Adults" table by the 1990 USDA and Department of Health and Human Services Dietary Guidelines for Americans. Two categories of weight according to age are provided with no differentiation for gender. The concept of "healthy weight" is promoted; the weight ranges given are large, based on ther premise that healthy weight can vary depending on lean body mass.