Here is my poor excuse to write a poetry.

No God, No Peace; Know God, Know Peace.

This poem was inspired by the quote written weekly on Hillcrest Church No God, No Peace, Know God, Know Peace. But, Oh the Humanity, Who knows no Adonai, Filled with grief and Hatred, Who will cry out, "Has God has forsaken us?" YWHW never forsaken his creation. The Lord and His Son made a Lighthouse (Shiloh), But the Lighthouse (Shiloh) looks like a weak twinkling star, Almost swallowed by Darkness, Through the Darkness, we have to go to the Lighthouse (Shiloh). To aid our journey, Adonai made a map, The map is called the Bible. For life of mortal man is short, Still the man has many miles to go before he goes to sleep, Along the way, the man sees best minds being destroyed by Madness, Madness that seems amok, And man wonders why the Lord does not rein in the Madness. For Adonai made the Life as a test for mortal man, For YWHW expect each of us to do his fullest in life.

Let there be no peace in Holy Land

Let there be no peace in Holy Land, Let there be killing of young and weak, Let man damn another man, Let the man of peace dies violently. So the children of Israel, Children of Ishmael, And disciple of Christ, Slaughter each other. In the end, there will be nobody to call for peace, Since we are all dead.

I CRY...