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My Rant on:

I will keep my analyses on anime as ambiguous in order to not to be filled with spoilers.

The Card Captor Sakura the Movie

The movie takes place before Syaoran developed a love interest for Sakura. What caught my attention in the movie was the interaction between Sakura, Syaoran and Syaoran's mother, Ieran. Ieran, Syaoran's mom The story of the movie take Sakura and the gang in TV series to Hong Kong. Sakura was drawn to Hong Kong by mysterious force that wanted Clow Reed. After a brief encounter with the force, Sakura wet her clothes by landing on a well. Badly need of spare clothes, Syaoran led Sakura and the group to his home. There, Sakura meets Ieran. Although, they meet for the first time, Ieran showed affection, comfort and guidance to Sakura. Sakura, who never had her mother to take care of her as she grow up, is comforted by Ieran. Ieran seem to indierctly acknowledge the Sakura's ownership over Clow Card. This may partly due to Ieran's innate ability to sense Sakura's power. Also, both in manga and anime, Li and Reed families are known to be powerful magicians, and have the power to see the future. So Ieran may already knows the outcome of Clow Card event. The final sign that love for Sakura shwon by Ieran happened next morning. As Sakura leaves, Ieran lighly kissed Sakura on her cheek. As Sakura blush, Syaoran gape at the scene, clearly indicating that such show of affection is never given to him by his mother. As seen in the movie, relationship between Syaoran and his mother are emotionally distant. As in any family steep deeply in Confucianism, Syaoran was groomed, presumeably by Ieran, as future head of the family. As a result, Syaoran was somewhat shocked by Ieran being so kind to Sakura. After seeing the movie, a conclusion was drawn. Ieran may have send Syaoran to Japan, so he will meet Sakura and fall in love with her. This contact is important due to what happens to him by the second movie. As head of Li family, Ieran must strengthen the power of Li in the world of magic. Thus budding romance between Sakura and Syaoran later in the story is formed.

After Seeing Gundam 08th Team

Written in 8/7/01 Posted in 10/2/01 Wow...he lost an leg. Left leg in fact. The man I am referring to is Shiro Amada. He is (or was in the near end of the series) an ensign (second lieutanant) in service of the Earth Force in original Gundam Universe. I watched the first eleven of the twelve episodes of this Gundam OVA at Cartoon Network. I doubt they will show twelfth episode which is epilogue of the series. Anyway, the Gundam 08th Team is very likeable OVA. You have a story based in well-established background, well-developed characters and a gripping plot. Some of you, including me, felt the romance between Shiro and Aina sound cliche. But their relationship provide us a perspective. Prespective that shows enemy people face are more alike than different. That thirst for vengeance, glory and/or greed led to a destruction beyond redemption. War is costly to victors and canquished. Hatred will ultimately blind the reasons and necessity. In the end, disgusted by and tired of war, Shiro and Aina evade the authority and walk into the sunset for a new life. Just before the scene fade away, we see Shiro in clutch and with a amputated leg. That even the main character aren't vulnerable to price we all pay when we are swept into conflict, make this show more enduring.


I don't believe Sorata Arisugawa will die for Arashi Kishuu, rather he will die for his mother. Both the audience and Sorata never saw face of his mother clearly. Sorata only knows that he will die for woman he loves. But he was never told who this woman was. Sorata chose Arashi as her woman out of whim.


The 08th Team is the best Gundam series I've seen, while the Gundam Wing is the one that got me hook on Gundam franchise.

Curse of Gundam Wing

Stories that was too short

- Funfun Factory by Yoshimoto Watanabe - Stone by Sin-Ichi Hiromoto - Majin by Oh! Great - Anne Freak by Yua Kotegawa These four manga, which I have read, have the best plots, characters and environments that would have develop into dozen volumes. Much to my chargrin, all four of them have, in my opinion, ended prematurely. Both Funfun Factory and Anne Freak lasted only four volumes, and two for Stone and Majin. Why? I was told that short volumes are rage in Japan right now, but this leave me dissatisfied. All four have potential to last longer than they are right now. Stories seemed to have ended abruptly, especially Stone and Majin. Both ended prematurely, with stories fully undeveloped. As a result, I feel cheated at the end and felt I wasted my time.


What if...


For some reason, I always loved minor characters more than major characters in anime and manga. Here's some of them: - Princess Kushana from Nausicaa of the Valley of Wind - Syaoran Li from Card Captor Sakura - Ieran Li from First Card Captor Sakura Movie - Captain Gotoh from Mobile Police Patlabor - Sally Po from Gundam Wing - Saki Hanajima from Fruit Basket -



by Kitsune Tennoji

Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou ("Record of a Yokohama Shopping Trip")

Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou Scanlation YKK Manga Translation


Initially I scoffed at Furuba, but in time, the show won my heart. Hanajima Saki Denpa Love Subafruba I heard that in Takaya Natsuki's other works, one of the main characters often dies, so I predict Honda Tohru will die in the end. Beneath that kindly face, Tohru Honda is a very pained and sad woman who face mountain of difficulty. Her love for all, and willingness to bear the pains for them, makes her a perfect candidate for ultimate sacrifice in the story. Saki Hanajima is my favorite FB character, her brother Megumi is cute too (I always though Megumi was feminist name, I guess I was wrong). I love Saki, because her actions even take cool-headed Yuki by surprise. She is so unpredictable, making people underestimating her more than once. Plus, Saki has strong attachment to Honda Tohru, because how Tohru helped her to embrace who she is and able to face the world without fear. It's so funny to see Saki commenting she isn't willing to freely give up Tohru to either Kyo or Yuki. As if Saki was, as Arisa wryly commented, head of Tohru's household. In regard to Saki's family, she has a normal parents and grandmother who love Saki and Megumi very much. It's so funny to see Saki's mother sometime react in shock in similiar to Tohru's. Despite having psychic link with Saki, Megumi has no other power, rumour of him capable of cursing someone is false. Megumi was just reading book about curse, given to him by his (and Saki) grandmother. I believe Saki has fallen in love with Kazuma Sohma, Sohma Kyo's guardian. In upcoming school play, I believe Saki will surprise everyone except Tohru and Arisa by revealing her sensitive side and even wear beautiful custome that is not in black color. It seemed Sohma males are good at making tough women cry: Hatori to Mayuko and Kureno to Arisa My favorite chapters in Fruit Basket are 13, 14, 24, 46, 49, 50, 51, 56, 57, 71 and 83.


by Shoko Tsutsumi EX Review of ELNA SAGA

Omake No Kobayashi-Kun

by Masami Morio

Legend of Galactic Heroes

Anime Reference on Online Comics

Totoro Fuzz Season from Kevin & Kell Cosplaying from Annie the Hardcore Gamer In the Dark from Jar Convention from Sparkling Generation Valkyrie Yuuki Fragile Gravity 7/9/2003, Fragile Gravity 7/21/2003, PORCO ROSSO Fragile Gravity 2/4/2004 and Fragile Gravity 2/20/2004 Inuyusha Sit! from Godly and Damned



Man-wha! Man-wha! from Shoujo Manga, Anime, Manhwa Info Factory Currently is releasing three Korean manwha stories to American market. They are Island, Ragnorak and Priest. These manwha are reported to be very popular in Japan. I guess Tokyopop decided to make an gamble and introduce them into American markets. ComicsOne also sell a manwha by Mina Hwang called Redmoon. ComicsOne Curtis Comics, a new graphic novel company that specialize in Korean manwha Curtis Comic

Manwha Bang


- Card Captor Sakura...Twenty years later Tomoyo is now an executive of world's premiere entertainment corporations and designer of a popular clothing company. Sakura became magically more powerful and create more cards and teaches Math on side. Syaoran became professor of history and consort to Sakura. - Legend of Galactic Heroes...New Conflict Again takes place twenty years in the future. - Rayearth Yuri: Hikaru and Nova - Gundam Wing - Tenchi Muyo - Conflict between Earth and Jurai The story will take place about a hundred years after the Tenchi Muyo OVA happened. The humanity has reached to the stars and found they are not alone. Much to their chargrin, they are treated as inferior species by much older space-faring civilizations. When Jurai Empire interferes too much on Earth affairs, Earth declares war on Jurai.

Guest Fanfiction

- Fanfiction.Net>> Anime>>Legend of Galactic Heroes - CCS:Gonna Get Married! from Borrowed Dreaming - Aftermath: ROD Yuri Fanfiction from Shoujo-Ai Archive: Introduction


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