Zero Waste

CSUN Zero Waste Plan

CSUN's Zero Waste Plan was developed by a working group comprised of all the operational units on campus. Group members reviewed data from multiple detailed campus waste audits, as well as zero waste plans from other universities and agencies. Best practices and high-impact strategies were identified and adapted to fit CSUN's needs, infrastructure, operations and constraints. 81 individual action items were selected for the final plan, which fall into the categories of General Strategies, Buildings, Grounds, Programs & Processes, Events & Services, Policies and Recommended Practices. 

CSUN’s zero waste efforts will affect all campus users, whether via policy or procedural changes, infrastructure improvements, marketing efforts or program offerings. Each individual has dozens of opportunities to reduce their waste on a weekly basis, and zero waste initiatives will push students, faculty and staff to explore these opportunities and adopt habits that eliminate wasteful behavior.

View the CSUN Zero Waste Plan here.

The graph below shows CSUN's past, present and forecasted waste diversion.