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The Institute for Community Health and Wellbeing presents our Spring 2021 virtual wellbeing programming. We offer a variety of programs throughout the week to help the CSUN community enhance their holistic wellbeing. All programs are free of cost and open to CSUN students, faculty, staff, and the community. Please request ADA accommodations for interpretation or closed-captioning 24-hours in advance.

 Join us weekly at 12:00PM PST on Zoom!

Zoom Information 

Meeting ID: 881 2016 3461           Passcode: wellbeing

Mindfulness Monday




April 5th

An Earth Month inspired meditation with Melanie Mamakos 

April 12th

An Earth Month inspired meditation with Matt Reining 

April 19th 

An Earth Month inspired meditation with Regina Queen 

April 26th

Fernandeño Tataviam: Keepers of the Land 

Pamela Villaseñor is enrolled in the Fernandeño Tataviam Band of Mission Indians where she has worked tirelessly to help with the Tribe’s nation-building efforts. As Executive Advisor to the Office of the Tribal President, Villasenor manages tribal government initiatives including the development of the newly established Health and Social Wellness Department. As a passionate champion for Native families, Villaseñor serves as the Tribe’s Authorized Representative of the for juvenile dependency cases. Additionally, she was part of the team that helped reformed LA County training to include ICWA curriculum nearly a decade ago. Since that time, Villaseñor has been an ICWA Trainer of county case workers.

Over the years, Villaseñor has held prestigious fellowships with Americans for Indian Opportunity’s Ambassadors Program and Native Americans in Philanthropy’s Circle of Leadership Academy. Using the knowledge gained from these experiences, she helped build the capacity of the Tribe’s Special Projects division and non-profit, Pukuu

Cultural Community Services.

Villaseñor created, led, and participated in numerous projects for the betterment of the people. Her particular interest is the empowerment and wellness of her tribal community, especially initiatives focused on systemic and transformational change. Thus, some of the projects Villaseñor has worked on include violence prevention, cultural arts, economic development, grants management, facilitation and training, and advocacy for the rights of the Tribe. She resides near her villages in the Tribe’s homelands of northern Los Angeles county, where she raises her daughter to gather and process traditional plants and foods.

May 3rd

Guided Meditation with Melanie Mamakos

May 10th 

Guided Meditation with Matt Reining

Tune-In Tuesday

Dates and activities to be added as scheduled, check back for updates!


Wellbeing Wednesday




April 7th

An Earth Month inspired Mindfulness workshop with University Counseling Services Psychologist, Amy Rosenblatt  

April 14th

Love the Animals of the Earth: show off your companion animals with others on zoom and share stories about the importance of the animals in our lives.

April 21st

An Earth Month inspired workshop with Klotz Student Health Center Health Educator, Susan Krikorian: Exploring the 8 Dimensions of Wellness. 

April 28th

An Earth Month inspired workshop with Klotz Student Health Educator, Susan Krikorian: Aromatherapy, Exploring the Scents of the Earth

May 5th

Mindfulness Meditation with Amy Rosenblatt




Thriving Thursday



April 1st Q and A with Registered Dietitian Ellen Bauersfeld 
April 8thHealthy Fats with Cal Fresh Healthy Living
April 15thReducing Sodium with Cal Fresh Healthy Living
April 22ndCSU Earth Day Speaking Event: The 2021 CSU Earth Day event will feature a panel of speakers representing diverse perspectives on sustainability, climate justice, and solutions to the climate crisis. We will also be focusing on incorporating ways for participants to engage and interact with the topics and speakers and take meaningful actions before and after the event. 
April 29thReducing Sugar with Cal Fresh Healthy Living

Focus Friday

Dates and activities to be added as scheduled, check back for updates!