Institute for Community Health and Wellbeing

Message from the Director

David Boyns

Health and wellbeing are at the very core of our quality of life, and so much affects our health: lifestyle choices, the economy, our environment, even public policy. If we are ever truly going to improve the health and wellbeing of our communities, we need to start approaching these issues from a collaborative, interdisciplinary perspective. That’s the mission of the Institute for Community Health and Wellbeing—a center that focuses on building creative campus and community alliances around health and wellbeing issues and services—and it’s what makes the Institute such a valuable resource for California State University, Northridge and members of our surrounding community.

 We are a relatively new force on the Cal State Northridge landscape, but we are proud to say that we are already making a difference. Using a collaborative, education-focused model, we are working to increase community awareness and access to health- and wellness-related services available on our campus while also educating students and strengthening collaboration among faculty.

Cal State Northridge has decades of experience helping improve the lives of thousands of community members through services such as physical therapy, counseling, nutrition resources, speech and hearing evaluation, and therapeutic exercise and fitness. In the process, we have also educated and prepared thousands of practice-ready graduates. Education is not all about theory—application is also an essential component of a complete educational experience. By joining hands with the greater community beyond the campus, we provide an interdisciplinary, holistic approach to healthy living while creating real world experiences for our students. 

The unique power of the Institute lies in serving as a focus for creative connections with communities in response to their expressed needs. It is our hope that our collaborative efforts will strengthen individuals by promoting improved quality of life, which in turn benefits whole communities. That would be a healthy outcome for all of us.

We are excited to present you with this overview of our goals and recent activities and accomplishments. You’ll see how we’re already having an impact on the way our university and community partners work together to improve the health and wellbeing of our region.

David Boyns