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CSUN ExerCircuit

CSUN ExerCircuit

Only you can control your health and fitness destiny. Improving your fitness will make other parts of your life easier and more productive. The more fitness you gain, the more activities you will be able to engage in and the more places you’ll be able to go: Hike to the Hollywood Sign… Scale Half Dome in Yosemite… Climb a tree. It’s all about making your world bigger. But you’ve seen it, read it, heard it all before—you know it’s important to become more active. The question is, how do you do it? The Kinesiology Department at California State University, Northridge is here to help.

 The CSUN Kinesiology ExerCircuit and Track together provide a convenient and effective exercise routine that can easily fit into even the busiest schedules. The ExerCircuit consists of 15 stations located north of Redwood Hall [map]. All you need to do is visit the ExerCircuit and Track three to five times per week to have a noticeable impact on your overall fitness. Here are some suggestions on how to use them and get the most benefit:

  •  Visit the ExerCircuit two to three days per week and do two circuits, spending 30 seconds working at each station (about 20 minutes total). Have time for only one circuit? Swing by later and finish the second.
  •  Walk briskly or jog the track two to three days per week for 20 to 30 minutes (5 1/3 laps equals one mile). Time tight? If you’re walking across campus, count that as part of your walking time.
  •  Bring a friend. The course accommodates two people at a time.
  •  The ExerCircuit is designed for exercise novices and experts alike. But if it’s been a while since you’ve exercised, a check-up with your physician is always a good first step.
  •  Increase your time and intensity on the ExerCircuit and Track as you are able for even greater health and fitness outcomes. 

The ExerCircuit and Track are designed with your convenience in mind. The equipment you need is basically in your front yard, and you can use it any time of day that works for you. Come in before work and shower in Redwood Hall, or stop by after work and you’ll be done with your exercise before dinner. Mix it up and in 30 minutes a day, including your walk over, you will be a healthier you!

 The ExerCircuit was created for the benefit of the entire Cal State Northridge community. We are here to help improve our community’s health and to be a model for other university kinesiology departments. If you have questions regarding the use of the Kinesiology ExerCircuit, feel free to email Dr. Steven Loy at

 For more information about fitness:

 The benefits of exercise and improved fitness are well documented. Go to for guidelines about the minimum physical activity you need to improve your health. (Keep in mind that more time and intensity will result in greater health benefits.) For information about the link between physical activity and morbidity and mortality, go to

And see the figure below to discover what improved fitness can do for you over the long term.



Use the ExerCircuit Daily … work hard … and you will add years of quality to your life! 

Control your Destiny!

Make Your World Bigger!


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