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The following page is a three column layout with a header that contains a quicklinks jump menu and the search CSUN function. Page sections are identified with headers. The footer contains update, contact and emergency information.

University Web Management

Web Graphic Standards

Web Development Best Practices

Compliance: Usage of university supplied templates is encouraged as a starting point for web development because key compliance features have been built in such as a “skip navigation” link, the ability to resize the page text, liquid construct, etc. If you are NOT using a supplied template, make sure that you are in compliance with all applicable 508 requirements. Use the Cynthia Says Online tool to check for 508 compliance. Note that Cynthia Says does automated checking only and does not include the manual checking mandatory for full compliance. Cynthia Says is located here:


Interoperability: The ability of page content to be accessed by the greatest number of user agents (browsers, PDA’s etc.) is predicated in part on standards based development. Current development techniques call for the separation of content from formatting information through the use of a styling language such as CSS for formatting and a declared structural language such as XHTML for content. Both the (X)HTML content and CSS style sheet should validate against the W3C validation checkers located here:


Layout: Use CSS to position page elements. Tables should only be used to present tabular data-not for page layout. Note that there are specific routines to apply to tables that are mandatory for accessibility. The columns and rows must be correlated so that assistive technology can present the information to the user in a coherent manner.

Content: Page content and terms should follow the Web Architecture Committee recommendations as well as general principles of usability. Structurally, pages should assign relative importance to content through the application of HTML headings, unordered lists and ordered lists as well as other generic html elements.

Templates: Use template driven sites to simplify maintenance and updates.

If you do not use the CSUN templates please follow these guidelines:

Pages should contain the correctly sized CSUN wordmark in the upper left with the alt attribute set as “CSUN Wordmark”. It should also link back to the main CSUN page at http://www.csun.edu.

Usage of the correct CSUN colors is encouraged to maintain thematic consistency (see color for CSUN web pages)

All form fields and search inputs must be correctly labeled and correlated so that assistive technology can present them to the user in a coherent manner.

Footer information should identify the “owner” of the page as well as show the last day the page was updated.

Web Branding Elements:

CSUN Word MarkCSUN Word Mark

Situated on the upper lefthand corner of each page, the CSUN Word Mark image which links back to the CSUN Homepage (www.csun.edu)

Accessibility Link

A link to the CSUN's Accessible Technology Initiative Website (www.csun.edu/accessibility)

People Finder

Link to the People Finder website, a directory of Employees and Departments (www.csun.edu/peoplefinder/)


Link to the A to Z page, browsing through Programs arranged by alpha order (www.csun.edu/atoz/)


Link to the CSUN Webmail page login for Staff, Students and Faculty (www.csun.edu/webmail/)

Google Search

Form that invokes the University Google Search Appliance



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