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The following page is a three column layout with a header that contains a quicklinks jump menu and the search CSUN function. Page sections are identified with headers. The footer contains update, contact and emergency information.

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CSUN Accessible Templates

Note that accessibilty training as well as software training is neccessary to implement these templates correctly.


If you are a beginner with little or no web development experience please see your local technical support staff.

They will assist you in setting up your Contribute account and populating it with accessible templates as well as provide pathways to training resources available on campus.

Click here for a listing of the ATI Coordinators on campus.


The University is providing 508 compliant web page templates to assist in the creation of web pages whose content can be accessed by all users.

By using these Dreamweaver created templates in conjunction with Contribute, faculty and staff can engage in accessible web development. Applicable 508 requirements have been built into the template structure.


The template download kit includes the following items:

  • The full roster of templates both generic and "pre-populated", i.e. Syllabus, Bio, Project and Schedule pages.
  • Instructions for using Contribute
  • Customizing Options
  • Associated Graphic files
  • Web Best Practices Document

Adobe Contribute can be utilized to modify the contents of the templates either as a standalone application or through an access "key" provided by your local web administrator.

Although other methods can be used, the ATI training utilizes Adobe Contribute.

The templates come in various web page layout options.

Contact the your local ATI Coordinator

Download the zipped files
(This contains the template files)



If you are an advanced user who is familiar with editing XHTML and CSS files and are familiar with the accessibility requirements specified in the Chancellor's Accessible Technology Initiative the base files from which the templates are derived are available for customization.

If you require assistance or have specific questions related to implementation please contact your local ATI Coordinator

Contact the your local ATI Coordinator

Download the zipped files
(This contains the template and XHTML files)