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Food for Thought: Useful App Recommendations

November 17, 2016

Student life just got a little easier. Have a look at our picks for the most useful apps to helpMusyou stay smart, productive and healthy whether you’re on campus or at home. The apps below are all free to try, though some may require a paid subscription to access optional premium content.


Quizlet — Practice quiz questions for any subject. You can also create your own flash cards to suit your learning style or use existing sets from a variety of courses.

Lumosity — Lumosity is a brain-training app that improves cognitive abilities. It challenges the user with a variety of brain games that help keep the mind sharp.


Tapingo — Provides access to all of the restaurants on the CSUN campus for easy online ordering. Skip all the lines by ordering your food ahead of time!

GroupMe — Set up an easy-to-use group message for both school and social functions. The app allows users to message each other in a group setting whether or not every member has the same type of phone.


Mixcloud — Find new music! Similar to SoundCloud, you’ll see that Mixcloud allows the user to find live music sets and unreleased songs. If you like to relive concerts and shows, this is the app for you.

BandsInTowny — Want to find a show to go to tonight? This app scans all of the music on your phone and uses your music preferences to create a personalized list of concerts that are in your area.


MyFitnessPal — Track your calorie intake and set fitness goals to gain, maintain or lose weight. MyFitnessPal has access to most restaurant menus for easy calorie tracking. Plus, the app will sync with any of your fitness devices for an even more accurate calorie count.

Yummly — Yummly asks you to input the contents of your fridge and then gives you back a variety of healthy recipes. If you don't know what to make tonight, use this app to create your next meal!