Veterans Resource Center

“Veterans Professional Development Dinner” Helps Prepare Student Veterans for Future Careers

February 15, 2016

Northridge — The Veterans Resource Center (VRC) invites all CSUN student veterans to attend its “Veterans Professional Development Dinner” on Wednesday, Feb. 24 from 4:45 to 7 p.m. in the Northridge Center at the University Student Union. Each veteran in attendance will enjoy a free dinner while learning about various career fields, participating in job workshops and networking with current working professionals.

“The ‘Veterans Professional Development Dinner’ is intended to encourage student veterans to think about life after graduation,” said VRC Coordinator Patrina Croisdale, “Whether you’re a first-time freshman or you’re about to graduate in a few months, there is something in this event for any student veteran looking to enhance their professionalism and prospects for the future!”

Every attendee will be able to choose from three information categories based on their current status as a student in order to attend the workshops that best suit their needs. The “Getting Started” path is for the student who is an undecided major or still exploring their career options. The “On Your Way” path is for students who have declared a major, have a clear idea of the career path they would like to follow and are seeking ways to get job experience while in school through networking, internships, and volunteer work. This path is open to all students. The “Almost There” path is open only to seniors who plan to graduate in the next few months and need to prepare for their career search and become interview ready.

There will be a variety of workshops offered including “Career Options”, “Professional Networking Strategies” and “How To Be Interview Ready”. There will also be a range of round table discussions featuring professionals from a variety of backgrounds, including business marketing, public health, liberal arts, law and more.

CSUN student veterans interested in attending the “Veterans Professional Development Dinner” can register at For more information on this event or the VRC, please visit

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