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Where is the VRC located?

In the heart of the University Student Union adjacent to the Student Recreation Center.

Who is the VRC for?

The VRC has specific resources and programs intended for veterans and dependents. However, all students, faculty, staff and community members are welcome.

Does the VRC offer tutoring?

Though the VRC does not offer direct tutoring services, we can assist you with finding the perfect solution from the many options on campus.

Are there computers available for student use at the VRC?

There are three computer work stations that will be available to student veterans and dependents on a limited basis.

The USU Computer Lab, located adjacent to the VRC, offers computer work stations as well as wireless printing with free printing for up to 20 pages per day.

Can I get information about my VA benefits at the VRC?

The VRC has a wealth of information on VA benefits and more available upon request. What the VRC is unable to address on site can be referred to the numerous partner organizations with which the VRC has strong connections.

How can I connect with a Veteran Peer Mentor?

You can come into the VRC for more information about connecting with a Veteran Peer Mentor.

What does the Veteran Peer Mentor program offer?

The Veteran Peer Mentor program exists to offer student veterans and dependents the opportunity to connect with a peer for a number of reasons ranging from academic concerns, adjustment issues, veteran benefits, job opportunities, and more.

Can I get help with resume writing at the VRC?

The VRC has many resources available to help with resume writing, including a relationship with the Career Center and Community Career Development, Inc.

Can I get help finding a job?

The VRC has regular and updated postings of numerous job opportunities along with information about job fairs and seminars.

Does the VRC offer academic advisement?

The VRC does not offer academic advisement, however Veteran Peer Mentors can assist students in finding the resources necessary to be a successful student.

Does CSUN have a veterans club?

How can I get involved with veteran service / non-profit organizations?

The VRC has numerous opportunities, both on and off campus, to participate in service projects. Visit us to learn more!

I would like to connect with other veterans on campus.

The VRC is a great place to meet other veterans and dependents on campus. The VRC also hosts events on campus for veterans to attend.

I’m just looking for a place to ‘get a break’ during the day.

The VRC offers a quiet place to study or just take a load off.

Can the VRC help me with legal issues?

The VRC has relationships with a number of organizations that provide legal services for veterans and dependents.

Does the VRC participate in veteran advocacy?

The VRC is passionate about veteran advocacy and welcomes any issues you would like to see addressed. 

Does the VRC provide counseling?

The VRC provides peer counseling through the Veteran Peer Mentor program. For further counseling needs the VRC has a number of on and off campus professional counseling solutions.

Does CSUN have a Veterans fraternity?

Yes, Sigma Tau Alpha Coed Fraternity.

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