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Established in 2007, Valley Nonprofit Resources offers both information and services to strengthen the more than 5,600 nonprofit organizations in the San Fernando Valley region of Los Angeles. Welcome to VNR's website! Click on the buttons above and at the top to access many resources that can help you increase the effectiveness of your nonprofit. VNR is a program within the Center for Southern California Studies, at California State University Northridge.

October 2015 VNR Workshop at Strength United

Featured Events
7/18/2018 - Propel LA: Training Opportunities for Low-Income Clients
9/12/2018 - Health and Human Service Nonprofit Executive Directors Roundtable
9/20/2018 - Ten Strategies for Successful Relationships with Elected Officials
9/25/2018 - Photovoice: An Arts-Based Method for Assessing Needs and Services of Nonprofits

Featured Publications
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2018 Resource Directory for Nonprofit Capacity Building in Los Angeles County (.pdf)  Note: New Edition Available

October 2015 VNR Workshop at Strength United. ;Photo (above) of the San Fernando Valley courtesy of Randy Witt Productions.

In the News

Propel LA: Training Opportunities for Low-Income Clients This free workshop, to be held at Valley College on Wednesday, July 18, 2018 from 4-5:30 pm, introduces Propel LA, a program offering free job training to low-income residents. It is focused on growing careers with livable wage jobs in the LA region. The training lasts six weeks, and interviews with local companies are provided upon successful program completion. Propel LA is a project of the Los Angeles Economic Development Corporation, in partnership with LA Valley College, Goodwill Industries of Southern California, and Valley Nonprofit Resources. A Citi Foundation Community Progress Makers grant funds the program. San Fernando Valley nonprofits serving low-income residents also can become partners in this project, and information on how to do that will be provided at the workshop. For more information and to register, please contact VNR Project Coordinator Ashley Wright at Ashley Wright or 818/677-2774.

Health and Human Service Nonprofit Executive Directors Roundtable brings together health and human service nonprofit CEOs in the San Fernando Valley for informal discussion of important topics and peer-to-peer networking, as well as guest speakers. The next meeting will be on Wednesday, September 12, 4-6 pm. In addition to networking and informal problem-solving discussion, a section of this meeting will be focused on how nonprofits can strike a good balance between mission and publicity opportunities (e.g., when to encourage a vulnerable client to share their personal story with the media). Evelyn Alemon and Joe Macias of Media Image Public Relations here in the Valley will join the discussion to offer their perspectives as PR professionals. The Roundtable is coordinated by VNR, Valley Care Community Consortium and The Children's Burn Foundation, which will host the meeting in its conference room and provide refreshments. If you are interested in attending this free event, please contact Ashley Wright at (818) 677-2774 or Ashley Wright.

Ten Strategies for Successful Relationships with Elected Officials This workshop will be led by nonprofit and community leader Jan Sobel. It will include a panel discussion with speakers Tricia Robbins, Office of Councilmember Bob Blumenfield, Kevin Taylor, Office of Senator Henry Stern and Stuart Waldman, Valley Industry and Commerce Association. This workshop is NOT about fundraising, and the goal is to give participants a set of strategies they can use to develop and maintain relationships with their relevant local elected officials. The workshop will be held on Thursday, September 20, 2018 from 4-6 pm at YWCA Glendale. For more information and to register, please contact VNR Project Coordinator Ashley Wright at 818/677-2774 or Ashley Wright.

Photovoice: An Arts-Based Method for Assessing Needs and Services of Nonprofits CSUN Sociology Professor Moshoula Capous-Desyllas will discuss her research study about photovoice methodology as an assessment tool for evaluation research.  Used with three local nonprofit organizations, the strengths and limitations of this methodology will be highlighted and discussed within the context of evaluating services and assessing client needs. The free lecture will be presented by CSUN's Valley Nonprofit Resources on Tuesday, September 25, 2018, from 1-2 pm, in the Whitsett Room, 4th Floor of Sierra Hall.  Students, faculty, and Valley nonprofit leaders all are encouraged to attend. For more information, contact VNR Project Coordinator Ashley Wright, 818/677-2774, or Ashley Wright.

Giving USA 2018 – Highlights Giving USA is the most authoritative annual report on philanthropy in America. This year’s study provides a deep look into the prevailing trends and key benchmarks for philanthropy in the U.S. for the year 2017. To access the FREE highlights document, click here. (PDF is attached – create hyperlink) To purchase the full report in a paperback ($119.95) or digital ($89.95) format, please visit the Giving USA website.. A recent Chronicle of Philanthropy article examines the factors contributing to the slow growth of philanthropic giving identified in Giving USA 2018, and what that could mean for the future. Access this article, Giving USA 2018 – Highlights (.pdf).

Materials on Recent Changes in Employment Laws and Regulations The May 31meeting of VNR’s Health and Human Service Nonprofit Executive Directors Roundtable featured a discussion led by Alex Alexander, Center for Living and Learning which focused on recent changes in employment law and regulations as they affect nonprofits. For those that were unable to attend the event, download a copy of the Materials on Recent Changes in Employment Laws and Regulations (.pdf).

Strategic Reserves and Endowments: Guidance for Forward-Thinking Funders and Grantees This webinar explores the use of endowments and reserves—but, perhaps more importantly, it lays the groundwork for philanthropy to begin funding reserves. The session is useful for philanthropists, nonprofit staff and board members, and capacity builders. To view this webinar (which already has been presented live) in its entirety, please visit the Nonprofit Quarterly website.

Executive Service Corps 2018-2019 Developing Development Program is a 12-month fund development program designed to help nonprofits build the tools and strategies they need to raise more money and deepen their impact in the community. It brings together staff and board members to create and implement a robust fund development plan. Participants l receive custom coaching, six half-day training sessions, a staff training clinic, detailed assessments, team-building tools and strategies, and a supportive cohort.  For more information and to apply for this program, go to Executive Service Corps DDP webpage.

Resource Directory for Nonprofit Capacity Building in Los Angeles The fifteenth edition of this Directory (May 2018) offers a starting place to identify individuals and organizations providing capacity-building services and resources to nonprofit organizations in Los Angeles County. It provides information on Consultants, Foundations, Grantseeker Information Centers, Human Resource Provider Organizations, Information Centers, Management Support Organizations, Nonprofit Management Higher Education Programs, Nonprofit Resource Centers in Surrounding Counties, Technology Resources and Volunteer Centers. Contact and brief descriptive information is provided. Download a free copy of the 2018 Resource Directory for Nonprofit Capacity Building in Los Angeles County (.pdf).

VNR Platform Just by clicking on the button in the upper left-hand corner of this page, anyone can have access to a wealth of information about the 5,600 San Fernando Valley nonprofits, free of charge. The VNR Platform has a search engine that lets you get 990s and a lot of other information about any one nonprofit you identify, or identify nonprofits in a particular area of the Valley, or a particular type of nonprofit (mental health, arts, etc.) - with results laid out graphically in a geo-map. A grant from The California Wellness Foundation funded creation of the VNR Platform.

City Health Dashboard Developed by New York University, the City Health Dashboard is a free online resource that allows readers to look at 36 indicators of health down to the neighborhood level, helping communities identify where to focus efforts to improve health outcomes. While the dashboard does not include details for all cities within the San Fernando Valley, it does have data for Los Angeles, and details the Social and Economic Factors, Physical Environment, Health Behavior, Health Outcomes, and Clinical Care for Glendale and Burbank. To access the dashboard as well as data for Los Angeles, Glendale and Burbank, visit

Collaborative Grants for Funders and Nonprofits – Fund for Shared Insight: Listen for Good Fund for Shared Insight is a funder collaborative working to improve philanthropy by elevating the voices of those least heard. Through their signature grantmaking initiative, Listen for Good (L4G) they invite nonprofits and funders to join them in building high-quality feedback loops, a systematic and rigorous way to listen to, and respond to, the people nonprofits serve. To participate in L4G, a nonprofit must be customer-facing, have a minimum annual budget of $500,000, and be nominated by an existing or new funder. In the Spring 2018 funding round, grantees will receive $30,000 over 18 months, half covered by Shared Insight, half by the nominating funder. Applications will be accepted through June 29, 2018. For more information or to join the mailing list, go to the Fund for Shared Insight website.

Online MBA in Nonprofit Management As the world of nonprofits continues to grow and evolve, advanced degrees and education are becoming increasingly important to a successful and rewarding career. OnlineMBA seeks to provide valuable information to students and professionals that want to take the next step in their education. Their website identifies the different types of Nonprofit Management programs as well as their curriculum, available scholarships, and possible salaries among other things. To see what OnlineMBA has to offer, visit Online MBA dot com or contact Lindsey Clark at