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Technical Assistance

VNR’s technical assistance program helps nonprofits in the San Fernando Valley meet challenges that go beyond what its website, Concierge or other services can provide. Technical assistance might be a single consulting session, or it might be a longer-term intervention. VNR staff will sometimes provide this TA, but often the purpose of VNR’s assistance is to help a nonprofit determine what its needs are, and then identify outside resources to meet those needs. The “way in” to VNR’s technical assistance resources is through our project staff.

VNR TA Fee Policy

VNR's technical assistance services are provided pro bono to nonprofits with annual budgets of less than $500,000, with the exception of services specific to fundraising (VNR general operating support funding otherwise covers the cost). Partial exceptions may be made for nonprofits with annual budgets up to $1,000,000, after which full fees are charged. For more information, contact VNR at

Needs Assessment

To start the process of determining what a nonprofit needs in the way of technical assistance, nonprofits can complete a simple, four-question form that can then be shared with VNR or used with a consulting resource to which the nonprofit is already connected. Download VNR Needs Assessment Form (.pdf)

Referrals to Consultants

Some local consultants to nonprofits are in the Resource Directory for Nonprofit Capacity Building in Los Angeles County. Download Resource Directory (.pdf)

Gina Airey Consulting develops the capacity of leaders for strategic impact. Areas of expertise include: participatory strategic planning, board and staff training and coaching, re-design of organizations and processes, change management, and working across sectors for community change. Visit their web site or contact them via e-mail.

Arts Consulting Group, Inc. provides hands-on interim management, executive search, fundraising & marketing consulting, program & facilities planning, and organizational development services for the arts and culture industry. Visit their web site or contact them via e-mail.

Benevolent Vision: Counsel to Nonprofits provides consultation on strategic planning, nonprofit management, grant writing, event planning, annual/capital campaigns, board development, meeting facilitation, and executive search. Visit their web site or contact them via e-mail.

Berglass Community Investment Consulting works to strengthen communities by enhancing the capacities of grantmakers and nonprofits to engage effectively with each other and those they serve. Visit their web site or contact them via e-mail.

Mike Berry, CPA focuses primarily on tax-exempt organizations and charitable giving matters.  Services included but not limited to the preparation of Forms 990, 990-PF, 990-T as well as tax consultations. Contact them via e-mail.

Gary Bess Associates provides needs assessment, program evaluation, grantwriting and strategic planning services to public and private health, human services and educational organizations. Visit their web site or contact them via e-mail.

Blue Garnet provides support for social purpose foundations, nonprofits and companies to achieve their mission by becoming high-performing organizations.  Blue Garnet pursues a triple bottom line, blending social mindedness with rigorous standards for management consulting. Visit their web site or contact them via e-mail.

Center for Nonprofit Management, Southern California focuses on customized engagements that support organizational or systems change, through building infrastructure and internal capacity to support programs and operations for greater impact. Visit their web site or contact them via e-mail.

Coachman-Moore & Associates focuses on nonprofit capacity strengthening in the areas of organizational development, planning, project design, group facilitation and coaching. Contact them via e-mail.

Diversity Consulting Group, Inc. provides consultation on capacity building, diversity and cultural awareness for agencies serving Cambodian, Chinese, Filipino, Laotian, Vietnamese and other immigrant populations. Contact them via e-mail.

Diversity Research and Consulting Group, Inc. provides research and consulting services in business development, program development, grant writing, evaluation and training. Visit their web site or contact them via e-mail.

Draper Consulting Group provides consultation to meet the core needs of community-based nonprofit organizations through strategic planning, board development and training, fundraising and executive coaching. Visit their web site or contact them via e-mail.

FMJ, LLP provides concierge accounting services to the nonprofit industry. Visit their web site or contact them via e-mail.

Goldvarg Consulting Group provides professional development opportunities for nonprofit organizations through assessment, coaching, training, and consulting. Services are offered in English and Spanish. Visit their web site or contact them via e-mail.

Growing Health Partnerships provides consultation focused on research and evaluation, strategic planning, program design, fund development and capacity building. Contact them via e-mail.

Grantworks Proposal Writing Services assists in collaborative proposal writing, workshop/seminar, symposia and fundraising development. Visit their web site orcontact them via e-mail.

Harder + Company Community Research works with nonprofit, philanthropic, and public sector clients across Los Angeles County and the nation to reveal new insights about the nature and impact of their work. Visit their web site or contact them via e-mail.

KED Consultants offers a range of services, including program design, grant/report writing, organizational development, environmental scans and situational analysis, translation services in English and Spanish, workshops and trainings, board relations management, and facilitation of grant review and funding recommendations. Contact them via e-mail.

Kumamoto Associates provides administrative assistance and consultation in board development and training, fundraising, meeting facilitation, public relations, strategic planning and program evaluation for a variety of ethnic and emerging populations. Contact them via e-mail.

The Law Firm for Nonprofits, PC provides consultation and legal assistance in human resources, nonprofit incorporation and strategic planning. Visit their web site or contact them via e-mail.

The McElwee Group provides consultation on strengthening philanthropy for foundations, corporations and individuals, developing and improving the philanthropic infrastructure, and building nonprofit boards and resources. Contact them via e-mail.

McLaughlin & Associates Human Capital Consulting provides consulting services with a human capital and organizational development orientation including: organization performance measurement, identification of key performance indicators and organizational competencies, human capital development programs, program evaluation and measurement of results. Visit their web site or contact them via e-mail.

Meaningmatters, LLC works with foundations, public arts agencies, arts organizations and individual artists to research and develop innovative new practices. Contact them via e-mail.

Silbert Consulting Services helps nonprofit and public sector organizations achieve their goals, providing ongoing grant development for small and medium-sized organizations. Visit their web site or contact them via e-mail.

Deborah Silver provides consultation on collaboration and partnership development, diversity and cultural awareness, leadership development and sustainability for public health organizations. Contact them via e-mail.

SingerLewak provides accounting services for nonprofits including: audits, Form 990 preparation, staff training, IT and accounting systems consulting, cash flow planning and budget preparations. Visit their web site or contact them via e-mail.

Slack Global Consulting provides support for nonprofit organizations and foundations engaged in visioning, planning and board development. Concentrates on work with communities of color, coalition building, community organizing, health and/or social justice issues. Services include board assessment and training, inclusive inquiry, proposal review, group facilitation, leadership development and coaching. Contact them via e-mail.

SOS Strategies builds collaboration with small to medium size nonprofits interested in achieving greater organizational effectiveness in the areas of governance, operations and finance. Consultations on strategic business matters are directed at organizational workflow, financial health, outreach, and retention. Contact them via e-mail.

Special Service for Groups provides program evaluation services for nonprofits and public agencies, assessment services to support program development and strategic planning, technical assistance for increasing nonprofit capacity in conducting research, and services in compiling secondary data from official sources. Visit their web site or contact them via e-mail.

Sponsor Partners offers sponsorship services to nonprofits including: sponsorship fundraising, proposals, solicitation and partnership management, prospect analysis, and post sponsor reporting. Additional consulting services offered include: strategic planning, cause marketing and promotional campaigns. Visit their web site or contact them via e-mail.

Strategic Development Solutions – LA specializes in supporting nonprofit executive directors who don’t have the staff or enough time to do everything they’d like. Areas of expertise are: writing LOIs and grant applications, grant research, post grant reporting, marketing including public relations and video production, collaborations, sponsorships, conferences, and strategic development assistance. Contact them via e-mail.

Transformative Collaborations International provides consultation on collaboration and partnership building, community and capacity building, diversity and cultural awareness, leadership and staff development for health care and public health organizations and schools. Contact them via e-mail.

Urban Resources specializes in the facilitation and project management of multi-stakeholder collaborations. Contact them via e-mail.

Wide Sky Consulting provides grant development and public policy consultation to community-based organizations and government entities. Visit their web site or contact them via e-mail.