Valley Nonprofit Resources

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Starting a Nonprofit?

Because VNR’s main objective is helping established nonprofits in the San Fernando Valley, we don’t offer direct services to those wishing to start a nonprofit organization.  Three resources that may be useful for this purpose are:

  • How to Start a Nonprofit Organization in California is an online guide prepared by Harbor Compliance that covers topics like research that should be done about the need for another nonprofit, the cost of forming one, necessary paperwork, tax information and other issues. Visit the website.
  • Starting a Nonprofit? is an online guide offered by the Center for Nonprofit Management that provides access to resources about how to start a nonprofit organization - including PDF documents and links to books for purchase. It covers many topics, such as finding free or low-cost legal services needed to incorporate. Visit the website.
  • How to Start a California Nonprofit is an online guide offered by the California Association of Nonprofits providing a detailed explanation of steps to take when starting a nonprofit, with resources to help with each step. Visit the website.

Also, the Center for Nonprofit Management offers courses on how to start a nonprofit. The Center can be reached by phone at (213) 687-9511 or visit the website.