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Nonprofit Management Higher Education Programs

A number of local colleges and universities offer courses for nonprofit managers and board members. Some of these institutions are listed here. For more information please download the Resource Directory for Nonprofit Capacity Building in Los Angeles County, Eleventh Edition, May 2014 (.pdf).

Visit the American Jewish University (formerly the University of Judaism) Website
Offers graduate programs in nonprofit management leading to a Nonprofit MBA; trains students to work in social service, education, religious, healthcare and arts organizations; a 12-course M.A. in Nonprofit Management is available for students who already hold a Master’s Degree.

Visit the California State University Los Angeles Website
Offers undergraduate program in Youth Agency Administration, which includes courses in Third Sector and Nonprofit Organizations, Managing and Grant Writing for Nonprofits, Marketing for Nonprofit Organizations, leading to a certificate in Youth Agency Administration; also offers graduate courses in nonprofit management and community development.

Visit the California State University Northridge, Roland Tseng College of Extended Learning Website
Offers a Master of Public Administration for administrators currently employed in the public, private or nonprofit sectors; core courses include such topics as strategic management, organizational leadership, policy implementation and program evaluation and management of nonprofit organizations. Also offers individual courses on nonprofit management subjects, such as basic nonprofit management, strategic planning, fundraising and human resources.

Visit the Los Angeles Pierce College Extension Website
Offers extension and online courses on Grant Writing and Nonprofit Management, focusing on the skills needed to prepare professional and competitive grant proposals and to manage all aspects of a nonprofit organizations; includes modules on planning, structure and leadership, boards of directors, volunteers and committees, staffing and other topics.

Visit the Pepperdine University Business Administration Division Website
Offers courses and field work in nonprofit management, covering such topics as Financial Development for Non-profit Organizations, Management of Non-profit Organizations, Leadership in Development and others topics related to but not limited to study of nonprofit sector.

Visit the University of California Berkeley - Free Fundraising Classes for Nonprofits on the NovoED Public Courses Website
UC Berkeley’s Haas School of Business, in partnership with Philanthropy University and NovoEd, is offering seven free online courses for nonprofit staff. Corporate, academic, and nonprofit leaders will teach courses focusing on nonprofit strategy, leadership, financials, fundraising, and more. Courses begin in mid-September 2015.

Visit the UCLA Anderson School of Management Website
Provides academic courses in Law and Management of Nonprofits, as well as access to nonprofit-specific courses in other schools and departments on the UCLA campus.

Visit the UCLA Luskin School of Public Affairs Website
Offers a concentration on nonprofits in each of its graduate professional degrees (Policy Studies, Social Welfare and Urban Planning); offers fellowships and internships to students who wish to concentrate their graduate education on the problems of nonprofits and civil society; runs a university-wide competition to support dissertation research in this area of interest.

Visit the USC Center on Philanthropy and Public Policy Website
Conducts research on philanthropy, volunteerism and the nonprofit sector and communicates findings to key decision makers through forums, roundtables, distinguished lectures and seminars.

Visit the USC School of Policy, Planning and Development Website
Offers a course of study designed to prepare professionals for positions of management and leadership in nonprofit organizations ; stresses student awareness of and participation in social services; topics covered include community participation, grassroots economic development, women’s rights, family and child well-being, urban renewal, education reform and others.