Valley Nonprofit Resources

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General On-Line Resources

Nonprofit and Public Sector Resources

  • Alliance for Justice (website)
    Alliance for Justice is a national association of over 100 organizations that serves as an expert on the legal framework for nonprofit advocacy efforts, providing definitive information, resources and technical assistance that encourages organizations to be active participants in the democratic process.
  • Friendraiser™ (website)
    FriendRaiser™ is Crowdster’s industry third-party fundraising platform that enables nonprofits to turn supporters into fundraisers.
  • Google Ad Grants (website) is a program that provides free in-kind advertising to select nonprofit organizations. Nonprofits are eligible to receive up to $10,000 per month in-kind from AdWords, Google’s online advertising solution.
  • A Guide to Activism in the Digital Age (website)
    Maryville University Online offers through this guide examples of viral social causes that have led to change, showcasing the power and reach that social media have in the sharing of ideas, collaborating to implement them, and thereby creating a force for change. The guide also provides information and tips for nonprofit organizations seeking to effect change through activism.
  • GuideStar (website)
    GuideStar provides information listings based on IRS 990s for all incorporated nonprofit organizations in the U.S.
  • HandsNet (website)
    HandsNet promotes information sharing, cross-sector collaboration and advocacy among individuals and organizations working on issues of public interest.
  • Idealist (website)
    The Idealist maintains a global directory of nonprofit-related information including lists of nonprofit organizations, consultants, products, services, publications and events, as well as job listings.
  • Iknow (website)
    Iknow maintains a clearinghouse for links to websites on nonprofit information.
  • INP Partners (website)
    INP Partners helps nonprofits with their program evaluation and other data needs by providing sophisticated data management and custom-formatted analytics and reports through a proprietary software system that links data from programs, finance, HR, development and other business units even when the nonprofit's own software systems can't "talk to each other." Results can be used by nonprofit staff, Boards and funders for everything from grant evaluation reports to internal efforts at operational improvements.
  • IRS Nonprofit Requirements (website)
    Beginning with the 2010 tax year, the IRS has eased filing requirement for Form 990, announcing that organizations with gross receipts normally less than or equal to $50,000 can file Form 990-N (e-postcard). For additional information, go to: Form 990 Resources
    Information about IRS assistance available to nonprofits on 990-N filings is provided in an article from Guidestar, which also includes links to relevant IRS documents, as well as other resources for help. To read the article, go to: IRS to Offer Relief to 990-N Filers (website).
  • LitLamp (website)
    LitLamp provides a forum for posting sponsorship opportunities in listings used by corporate marketers.
  • Nonprofit Centers Network (website)
    Nonprofit Centers Network is a community of nonprofit and philanthropic leaders and professionals from the financial, real estate, and public sectors dedicated to sharing knowledge and networks for creating and operating quality nonprofit workspace. The Nonprofit Centers Network is a program of Tides Shared Spaces, which operates and promotes sustainable workspace for nonprofits and strengthens nonprofit capacity in the real estate arena.
  • Nonprofit Genie (website)
    Nonprofit Genie maintains a collection of FAQs on a variety of topics of interest to nonprofits, including board development, financial management, fundraising, strategic planning, technology, etc.
  • Visit the Nonprofits Talking Taxes Website
  • Npower (website)
    Npower provides assessment and planning, hands-on assistance, skills building classes, technology library and technology volunteers for nonprofits
  • PR Newswire (website)
    PR Newswire helps nonprofits conduct dialogues with the media, consumers, policymakers, investors and the general public, in support of building brands, generating awareness, impacting public policy, driving sales and raising capital.
  •  SocialEdge (website)
    SocialEdge is an online community for the social sector; includes discussion forums with topics of interest to nonprofit organizations.
  • Techsoup,to which VNR refers Valley nonprofits for reduced-priced software, has assembled a roster of fundraising tools:
    • URS Compliance (website) provides state charity registration services to eligible nonprofit organizations throughout the US. It can be used to create initial, renewal, or extension charity registration forms to solicit donations in the 39 states that require registration and Washington, D.C.
    • Bidcoz (website) provides access to discounted rates for online or on-site auction and event ticketing services to eligible nonprofits and public libraries throughout the US.
    • CauseVox (website) provides online fundraising software to eligible nonprofits and public libraries throughout the US. It can be used to create fundraising sites that support donation pages, crowdfunding campaigns, and peer-to-peer fundraising pages for individuals and teams.
    • Exceed! Premier (website) fundraising and donor management software for small to medium-sized nonprofits manages information about donors, prospects, board members, and other constituents; organizes and tracks donor gifts, pledges, and dues; creates reports to target and analyze campaigns; and creates emails, letters, and labels for marketing campaigns.
    • Connect2give (website) provides mobile donation and communication services to eligible nonprofits, charities, and public libraries throughout the US. Services can be used to collect donations and update constituents with important information via mobile devices and mobile web.
    • Fundly CRM  (website) is cloud-based, all-in-one data management software for managing grants, donors, members, volunteers, events, tasks, communications, and programs.
    • PhilanTech (website) provides online grants management software to eligible nonprofits and foundations throughout the US. Nonprofits can use PhilanTech software to find new funders, write grant proposals more efficiently, track deadlines and due dates, and manage all grant information in a secure centralized location. Foundations can use PhilanTech software to accept proposals, manage and track grantee information, and analyze applicant data.
    • Teespring (website) provides an online crowdfunding and fundraising platform to eligible nonprofits and public libraries throughout the US. Teespring can be used to raise funds for a cause by offering custom-branded apparel and products through a web-based campaign that doesn't require any upfront costs.
    • Little Green Light (website) is cloud-based donor management software. From a single interface, a nonprofit can manage donors, volunteers, members, alumni, events, and fundraising campaigns.
    • DonorPerfect (website) provides fundraising and donor management software to eligible nonprofits and public libraries throughout the US. Its web-based interface can be used to track donors, prospects, volunteers, and memberships and record and acknowledge gifts, pledges, grants, constituents, and contacts.
    • This table at Techsoup (.pdf) compares all the donor management tools offered.
  • U.S. Census Bureau Statistics by County (website)
    The Bureau provides statistics at county level for grant proposals, as well as quick facts on population.
  • Wild Apricot Blog (website)
    Wild Apricot has a blog for volunteers, webmasters and administrators of associations and nonprofits; discusses issues and trends in web technologies that can help an organization do more with less. Topics of discussion change daily. Membership starts at $25 a month.
  • (website)
    YouthGiving is a sustainable online, curated hub for youth giving to build awareness, knowledge, and collaboration.

Nonprofit Management Resources

  • Nonprofit Charitable Organizations (website)
    A general resource for nonprofits that includes diverse information on everything from starting a nonprofit to fundraising.
  • BDO’s Nonprofit & Education Resource Center (website)
    The BDO Center is a resource for topics relevant to nonprofit organizations.
  • Board Café (website)
    Board Café provides a free monthly electronic newsletter written for Board members and Executive Directors.
  • Board Source (website)
    Board Source develops and distributes resources for board members and organizations, and maintains a large online bookstore.
  • Commonfund (website)
    Commonfund is a financial investment organization designed to enhance the financial resources of nonprofit institutions and help them improve investment management practices.
  • Management Assistance Program for Nonprofits (website)
    The program is a source of templates and materials for nonprofit managers.
  • Network for Good Learning Center (website)
    The Center provides easy and affordable online fundraising services including access to publications, a weekly e-newsletter, and free training for other nonprofits.
  • Nonprofit Risk Management Center (website)
    The Center provides a variety of online publications, newsletter, library and consulting services to help nonprofits minimize legal risks.
  • PolicyMap Data Generator (website)
    PolicyMap Data Generator is a geographic information generator that allows users to create custom maps, tables, and charts.
  • WhatGives!? (website)
    WhatGives!? maintains a calendar of conferences targeted specifically to nonprofits.

Philanthropy Resources

  • Charity Channel (website)
    Best known for its nonprofit arena e-mail discussion forums, Charity Channel discusses such topics as grants and foundations, the law of tax exempt organizations, college and university advancement, health care philanthropy, arts and social organization fund raising, international fund raising, mentoring and more.
  • Foundation Center (website)
    The Foundation Center provides online resources for fundraising news, grantmaker information, an online library and a marketplace of related books, CD-ROMs and seminars.

Technology Resources

  • Foundation Center's Search Tool (website)
    The Foundation Center's Search Tool provides free online access to foundation contact info, financial data, program priorities, and IRS Forms 990.
  • Microsoft NGO Connection (website)
    Microsoft NGO Connection provides free or discounted software applications, training and certification information, and discussion forums to nonprofits to help them use technology more effectively and to access the resources Microsoft and its partners offer.
  • Nonprofit Technology Network (website)
    The Network connects and supports individuals and organizations who empower nonprofits to use technology.
  • Tech Soup (website)
    Tech Soup is a portal for all topics dealing with nonprofits and technology. Techsoup Webinars are available on everything from Mobile Technology for Advocacy and Activism to Storytelling and Social Media, to A Roadmap for Microsoft Training. These webinars are available at convenient times, and are also free. The TechSoup Webinars page lists all archived and upcoming topics.

Volunteer Resources

  • Energize (website)
    Energize provides a portal on volunteer management, including books, links, articles, interviews and more.
  • Points of Light Institute (website)
    Points of Light Institute provides information on volunteer management.
  • ServeNet (website)
    ServedNet is a posting service for volunteer opportunities.
  • Volunteer Match (website)
    Volunteer Match provides a listing of volunteer opportunities.