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Health and Human Services Nonprofit Leaders Roundtable Special Session on Anti-Racism

Tuesday, October 20, 2020 - 4:00pm to 5:30pm

Online: Zoom

For more information, contact VNR Project Coordinator Ashley Wright at 818/677-2774 or


Anti-racism work focuses on directly opposing racism, discrimination and prejudice. It includes taking an unapologetic stance and utilizing interventions that directly call out racist and discriminatory practices, policies and behaviors through advocacy, activism and allyship. This special session of the Health and Human Services Nonprofit Leaders Roundtable will aim to help nonprofit leaders in turn help their patients or clients to better handle these complex challenges. The Roundtable is in its third year of bringing together nonprofit leaders in health and human services to learn, share and build networks here in the San Fernando Valley. This session will be led by CSUN Professor Allen Lipscomb, an expert on the topic who has recently worked through VNR on diversity, equity and inclusion challenges of Valley nonprofits, and who also is conducting a research study on anti-racism skills and understanding of local nonprofit leaders. This event is supported in part by a grant from The California Wellness Foundation.