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Building Nonprofit Boards in a Diverse World

Tuesday, June 8, 2021 - 4:00pm to 5:30pm

Online via Zoom

For more information, contact VNR Project Coordinator Ashley Wright at 818/677-2774 or

Foundations and other funders increasingly require that nonprofits broaden their Board’s membership to reflect the diversity of the communities they serve, sometimes as a condition of funding. Board diversity also helps nonprofits achieve their mission by increasing their sensitivity to the diverse world they live in and serve. How do you do that, while continuing the involvement of long-time current Board members, and meeting fundraising and other goals the Board has? What does diversity actually mean for your nonprofit - what new types of Board members are actually needed?  And how do you identify and recruit them? Answering these questions is particularly challenging as nonprofits recover from the pandemic, and are facing major realignments and stressful but necessary changes. This free workshop will address these questions, facilitated by Janet Levine, VNR’s Senior Consultant and principal of Janet Levine Consulting, who has worked with many nonprofits on the subject of Board diversity. Dr. Joan Maltese, CEO of Child Development Institute will share some of CDI’s challenges and successes with board diversity. The workshop is part of VNR’s Recovery Initiative.