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Established in 2007, Valley Nonprofit Resources offers both information and services to strengthen the more than 5,600 nonprofit organizations in the San Fernando Valley region of Los Angeles. Welcome to VNR's website! Click on the buttons above and at the top to access many resources that can help you increase the effectiveness of your nonprofit. VNR is a program within the Center for Southern California Studies, at California State University Northridge.

October 2015 VNR Workshop at Strength United

Featured Events
1/17/2018 - Program Evaluation 101
1/25/2018 - Health and Human Service Nonprofit Executive Directors Roundtable

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2017 Resource Directory for Nonprofit Capacity Building in Los Angeles County (.pdf)  Note: New Edition Available

October 2015 VNR Workshop at Strength United. ;Photo (above) of the San Fernando Valley courtesy of Randy Witt Productions.

In the News

Program Evaluation 101 Data-driven, continuous improvement, accountability – these terms are increasingly part of the nonprofit world. The value of data and evaluation is widely acknowledged, but guidance often is lacking on how to design evaluations that can yield data useful in the nonprofit sector. Even more rare is help on how to transform data into action. NPO Solutions and Valley Nonprofit Resources are co-sponsoring a free webinar, Program Evaluation 101, on Wednesday, January 17, 2018 2-3:15 pm PST to introduce the basics of program evaluation and how to use data to maximize effectiveness and impact. Michael Butler, Senior Consultant at NPO Solutions, will lead the webinar. For more information and to register, go to or contact

Health and Human Service Nonprofit Executive Directors Roundtable Most nonprofit leaders know the value of connecting with peers - to get information, help solve problems, and work together in formal or informal ways.  This Roundtable seeks to bring together health and human service nonprofit CEOs in the San Fernando Valley, and will be held

on January 25, 2018 from 4-6 pm.  The agenda will be to discuss how often the group would meet, what topics it would discuss, who else might be invited, who would lead it, and how it would be structured.  Each meeting might include updates on nonprofit sector issues in the Los Angeles region as well as in the Valley, and make time available for people to ask questions, present problems on which they’d like input, and whatever else comes to mind. The Roundtable is being brought together by Valley Care Community Consortium, VNR and The Children’s Burn Foundation, which will host the meeting in its conference room, and will work with VCCC and VNR to organize future meetings if the group decides to have them. If you are interested in attending, please contact Ashley Wright at (818) 677-2774 or

Nonprofit Consultants Support Group Larry Kaplan of Larry Caplan Consulting has formed a small support group for consultants to nonprofits across Southern California. The group, open to anyone, meets quarterly for an extended lunch hour, usually at different locations. Generally there are one of two “topics du jour,” many of them focused on business practices, such as how to market a consulting practice, how to set fees, how to deal with difficult clients, etc. To join the email list for this group and be notified of future meetings, please contact Larry Kaplan at

VNR Website Update Since the summer VNR has been working on an update of our website - correcting broken links, adding new publications to the Library, etc. With support from our CSUN webmaster Larae Brown, this comprehensive update is almost done, and will be implemented by the end of the year. As always, we welcome feedback about other enhancements that might be made.