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Children Youth and Family Nonprofit Initiative

In October 2013 Valley Nonprofit Resources, in collaboration with Child Development Institute and CSUN's Institute for Community Health and Wellbeing, facilitated a gathering of 60 leaders from nonprofits serving children, youth and families in the San Fernando Valley, to discuss how all might work together on information-sharing, networking, education and advocacy. Those present agreed that an informal "collaborative" would be best, so that the time burden on busy people would be minimized and there would be no conflict with other groups that bring this part of the sector together. The main focus since has been on learning events covering topics of interest to the group - the first two, both held in April 2014, concentrated on fundraising opportunities and challenges for CYF nonprofits, and on advocacy strategies these nonprofits might use (either individually or collectively). A June 2014 learning event brought together 20 participants from Glendale-area CYF nonprofits to discuss what might be done for this group of nonprofits in Glendale (also coordinated with VNR's longstanding Glendale Initiative).

In Fall 2014, philanthropic and children's services leader Jan Kern presented a series of three workshops on Board Development for a select group of six children youth and family nonprofits, each of which also was offered individual technical assistance consultation.  Also, on September 30, 2014, a workshop was held on strategies for effective advocacy and partnerships for CYF nonprofits in Canoga Park – featuring LA City Councilperson Bob Blumenfield 

On March 18, 2015, an educational workshop was presented on individual giving for CYF nonprofits, featuring UCLA Center for Civil Society Director Dr. Bill Parent, and VNR now is leading a Transition Roundtable for five CEOs of Valley CYF nonprofits, all planning to retire in next five years.  The Roundtable features confidential discussion and brainstorming, plus guest speakers to interact with the five CEOs. More information on activities of this Initative is available by contacting VNR.