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Burbank Initiative

Overview Launched in 2011, VNR's Burbank Initiative provides capacity-building and networking opportunities for nonprofits in the City of Burbank. VNR is collaborating on this Initiative with the Burbank Nonprofit Executive Directors Coalition and other groups in the City.

The first activity in 2012 under this Initiative was the January 24th Burbank Nonprofit Day. VNR also has presented several educational workshops in Burbank. For example, a workshop was developed for presentation in December 2013 that features attorney Jenny Skoble discussing legal basics for smaller nonprofits, such as how to deal with the IRS and the Attorney General. Like all VNR events, this one is a collaboration - co-sponsors include Valley Care Community Consortium and Kaiser Permanente.

On July 17, 2012, the second Initiative event was held. The Burbank Funder Forum brought together 80 nonprofit and government sector leaders from Burbank and Glendale, plus a few participants from other parts of the Valley, for a thought-provoking, informative discussion with four foundation executives about their foundation's grantmaking philosophies and procedures. Future events will be announced here and on our home page in the "In the News" section. For more information about the Burbank Nonprofit Executive Directors Coalition, contact Shanna Warren.

Highlights of Burbank Nonprofit Day Some 70 people gathered at Providence St. Joseph Medical Center on the morning of January 24, 2012 to participate in the first-ever gathering of the Burbank nonprofit sector. After a breakfast provided by the Medical Center, speakers included EngAGE's Tim Carpenter, California Assemblymember Mike Gatto, and the Mayor and City Manager of Burbank - all talking about the challenges and opportunities facing the nonprofit sector in the City. Local nonprofit leader Suzy Jacobs led a discussion about how nonprofits in Burbank can work together to meet the multiple needs of its residents. Among the other speakers and participants were representatives from local funders - Community Foundation of the Verdugos, Walt Disney Company, Warner Bros., and the Cartoon Network (for funder contact information, contact VNR). Visit the Burbank Leader for a newspaper article describing the conference.

The gathering was organized by VNR, assisted by a capable planning committee, and co-sponsored by Providence St. Joseph Medical Center, Burbank Nonprofit Executive Directors Coalition, Burbank Cultural Arts Commission, and Burbank Ministerial Association.

Burbank Nonprofit Day concluded with participants discussing next steps the community and its nonprofit sector can take:

  1. Create a fundraising/grantseeking collaboration for nonprofits in Burbank, to apply for funding from government, foundations, corporations and major donors in a more coordinated way. Such a collaboration also could help nonprofits coordinate their services so they can better serve residents with multiple needs. 
  2. Create a directory of services offered to the residents of Burbank by local nonprofits. 
  3. Organize a follow-up networking event to bring together some of the people who participated in Burbank Nonprofit Day - City Manager Mike Flad suggested that the City might provide a meeting space for this purpose. 

The Burbank Nonprofit Executive Directors' Coalition and other local groups can play an active role in moving forward on actions such as the three listed above, as can Valley Nonprofit Resources through its Burbank Initiative. Future actions will be posted on this website section.

Burbank Nonprofit Coalition The Burbank Nonprofit Coalition is a group of local nonprofits that meet monthly to discuss collaborative opportunities, upcoming events, provide workshops and offer other information. Its goal is to reduce duplicated services and help local nonprofits work together in Burbank to enhance opportunities for the individuals they serve. The group meets every third Thursday of the month at noon, with the meeting location dependent on which nonprofit hosts the event. For more information and to attend upcoming meetings, contact Shanna Warren.