• WISDOM is: Women Inspired to Succeed and DiscoverOpportunities through Mentoring

Mentorship Workshops

Three workshops will be provided per semester with topics changing each month to focus on one of the following parameters: Identity Development, Academic Success, and Financial Literacy. 

Identity Development

Identity development workshops aim to enhance students’ cultural awareness and cultivate a social connection between participants and mentors. These programs cultivate harmony between both cultural and social values, allowing participants to experience growth and a higher self-esteem.

Academic Success

Academic success workshops assist participants in taking ownership of their collegiate achievement. According to Vincent Tinto, persistence occurs when a student successfully integrates into the institution both academically and socially. By providing a range of student-focused developmental resources, these workshop empower participants to embrace their well-rounded identities at CSUN. 

Financial Literacy

Financial literacy and budgeting skills are essential components of success for any person—especially college students. As noted by Rachelle Winkle-Wagner, we must understand that our African American female students come from different backgrounds, age groups, and social economic statuses. It is imperative to consider financial resources as a retention mechanism for students.