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Below are topics that provide additional helpful information. If you still have questions, contact Reservations & Event Services at (818) 677-3644.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Reservations & Event Services (RES) office located?

Reservations & Event Services office is located in the University Student Union, next to the International & Exchange Student Center and across from the USU Plaza Pool.

What is the reservation process?

Once you have submitted your request through the Mazévo scheduling system, your request will be reviewed by the Reservations & Event Services (RES) department. Paperwork will be sent within three business days of your request. Additional information and items may be required such as electronic signatures, payment, AV needs, etc. Once all necessary information and items have been collected, the request will become “Confirmed.”

What do I do if my group no longer needs the room?

Please visit the Mazévo scheduling system and cancel your booking by:

  • Selecting “My Events”
  • Click on the event you would like to cancel
  • Click “Edit Bookings”
  • Cancel the date(s) no longer needed

Keep in mind that Simple Reservations* (events taking place in meeting rooms), must be cancelled 48 hours before the event. Complex Reservations** must be cancelled 30 days before the event.

* Simple Reservations must meet the following criteria: 1. The reservation time conforms to the established building hours. 2. A Building Manager, Audio Visual Technician, security staff or other personnel are not required.

**Complex Reservation includes one or more of the following: 1. The reservation time exceeds the established building hours. An admission fee is collected at the door and/or admission tickets are sold in advance of the program. 3. A Building Manager, Audio Visual Technician, security staff of other personnel are required.

Does Reservations & Event Services (RES) provide catering?

The RES department does not provide catering services, Campus catering services are provided by The Orchard. You are also welcome to bring in curbside foods from restaurants or to make arrangements through an off-campus caterer. Homemade foods and potluck-style catering is strictly prohibited.

Where can event guests park?

Guests may park in Parking Lot G3 or Parking Structure G3. A valid parking permit must be displayed at all times.

Do students, faculty or alumni get discounts on private events?

CSUN Alumni Association members with valid membership cards, current students and faculty with a CSUN ID are eligible to receive a 25% discount off the room rental fee. (Note that the 25% discount is not applicable toward equipment or personnel charges.) Examples of private events include birthday celebrations, baby showers, family reunions and memorial services.

Can I rent equipment from Reservations & Event Services?

Please contact the Reservations & Event Services department directly. Requests to rent equipment for use elsewhere on campus will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

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