CSUN First to Offer Students Personal Health Products with Convenience of “Wellness Vending Machine” at the USU

November 5, 2019

Northridge — California State University, Northridge (CSUN) is the first institution in the Cal State system to provide a discreet way for students to practice safe and healthy habits with the products provided in the new Wellness Vending Machine located on the first floor of the Sol Center of the University Student Union (USU). This private dispensary on campus provides students quick and easy access to essential personal items at affordable prices.

“The USU is proud to be a part of this important and supportive program CSUN wants to offer all Matadors,” said Freddie Sanchez, USU Associate Director of Marketing and Programs.  “With the convenience of the Wellness Vending Machine, our students can see that the university considers their personal health and safety a priority while still respecting their privacy.”

From the Wellness Vending Machine, CSUN students can purchase a range of personal health products including condoms/lube, emergency contraceptives, pregnancy tests, tampons/pads, and pain medicines such as Tylenol and Ibuprofen. The Women’s Research and Resource Center and the Klotz Student Health Center also have these items accessible to students. The Wellness Vending Machine is intended to provide students another convenient resource for purchasing the items based on their schedules and with flexible hours.

“It took our team approximately 2 years to get all of the approvals and logistics necessary to make this vending machine a reality,” said Shira Brown, Director of the WRRC. “That’s how important it was for all of us. Our only goal is to remove barriers for students so they can be successful in school.”

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