The USU Invites All Matadors to Talk About the Power of “Moving Forward Together: Steps Towards Unlearning Colonial Ideologies in Higher Education”

September 30, 2021


WHAT: California State University, Northridge invites all Matadors to come together and discuss the effects of colonization, the importance of decolonization through one’s educational journey, and the experiences of the BIPOC diasporic communities at Moving Forward Together: Steps Towards Unlearning Colonial Ideologies in Higher Education. This program calls us to acknowledge our power and position as communities in an occupied land while learning to honor indigenous sovereignty. Join us for an exciting program focused on unlearning colonial ideologies and moving towards anti-racism framework. 

WHO: Ayan Jama, Diversity Initiatives Coordinator, is responsible for this event. 

WHEN: Thursday, Oct. 14 from 2 to 3:30 p.m. 

WHERE: Zoom, Register for This Event 

WHY: This event welcomes all Matadors to gather together and shift their paradigm while engaging with their fellow peers in exploring anti-racist educational experiences. 

BACKGROUND: Join us in a proactive program to build community while discovering a space for healing at Moving Forward Together: Steps towards Unlearning Colonial Ideologies in Higher Education. To request NCOD services, please fill out the NCOD form. For more information, please visit 

This program is cosponsored by the following organizations: American Indian Studies, Asian American Studies, Asian American Studies Pathways Project, Civil Discourse and Social Change, Department of Social Work, Doctoral Program in Educational Leadership, DREAM Center, Ethnic Studies Education Pathways Project, MOSAIC (Mentoring to Overcome Struggle and Inspire Courage), CSUN Project Rebound, We Are Power: Community in Action Conference, and the University Student Union.

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