READ: Matadors Pull off Clean Sweep at Model UN Competitions

February 4, 2022

The CSUN Model UN team, led by the University Student Union’s Board of Directors (BOD) Chair Jacob Akopnik, secured the Outstanding Delegation Award at the Northwest Model UN Conference in November.

Akopnik reflects on the experience he has gained through the BOD and other involvement opportunities on campus to construct a winning formula that sets this team apart from the rest of their competition.  

“After attending these conferences, I realized that being involved at CSUN has taught us something that many other competitors take for granted – that thing is charisma, or the Model UN alternative, diplomacy. Many competitors will go into these conferences headstrong with just research and experience. They try to win by forcing themselves into leadership roles and never allowing themselves to break character in order to intimidate others,” said Akopnik.

“However, we come in with the same amount of preparation (if not more), and the compassion and charisma for others that organizations like the USU have taught us. Leading the Board and the Model UN team is not easy, but with a community as strong and loving as ours it's worth it.”

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