Get the support and motivation you need to power through finals with “Crunch Time”!

December 5, 2022

Crunch Time

Need a little help to make it to the end of the semester? Check out Crunch Time for the supplies, support and motivation you need to power through finals!

As we kick off Crunch Time, grab some essential supplies and join in on fun, crafty activities to get prepped and destressed for finals. Blow off some steam on Wednesday, Dec. 7 with music, cookies and festive gingerbread kits. On Monday, Dec. 12, week two will kick off with Motivation Monday where we invite you to take what you need and give what you can, by posting words of encouragement and support for your fellow Matadors while grabbing finals supplies at the Sol Center. Then check out Crunch Time brunch the rest of the week to stay fueled as we make the big push through the end of finals.

For those unable to join in on activities during 10 a.m. – 2 p.m., study rooms will be available throughout the USU during the entire two weeks, and select resource centers will have supplies on hand during their operating hours to make sure all Matadors get the support they need! 

Take a beat and check out Crunch Time to get the support you need to power through finals, hosted by the University Student Union … Where Matadors Belong!