Find a Sense of Personal Belonging at CSUN with Cultural Welcomes from the University Student Union

August 26, 2022

Media Alert 

WHAT: The University Student Union (USU) invites CSUN students to experience the in-person Cultural Welcomes, an opportunity to connect with their cultural communities on campus! Students will meet their peers of similar cultures while enjoying fun activities and learning about other cultural spaces on-campus through various clubs. We want every student’s journey at CSUN to be guided with loving support and a personal community here on campus. 

WHO: Janessa Reyes, Diversity Initiatives Supervisor, Diversity and Inclusions, is supervising these events. 

WHEN: Latinx/a/o Welcome: Tuesday, Sept. 6 (4 – 6:45 p.m.) Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI) Welcome Pt.1: Wednesday, Sept. 7 (4 – 6 p.m.) AAPI Welcome Pt.2: Thursday, Sept. 8 (2–6 p.m.) Welcome Black: Tuesday, Sept. 13 (4 – 6 p.m.) 

WHERE: Latinx/a/o Welcome: Thousand Oaks Room (USU) and Chicano House AAPI Welcome Pt.1: Northridge Center (USU) AAPI Welcome Pt.2: Omatsu House Welcome Black: Northridge Center (USU) 

WHY: Attendees at each of these specific cultural events will have access to a supportive network with students, faculty and staff, and discover resources offered in every community. It is important that everyone at CSUN has a place to share similar experiences and converse on their personal culture. 

BACKGROUND: The USU is excited for Matadors to meet new people and discover campus organizations that align within their cultural communities during Cultural Welcomes. Students must register on the USU Calendar Page. Attendees may also request interpretation for this event by filling out the NCOD request form five days prior to the event. For more information, please visit

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