Did You Know? Learn About the CSUN Student Union Fee

October 22, 2021

Here’s information you may want to know about the CSUN Student Union Fee included as part of your tuition that supports the University Student Union (USU) at CSUN — a student-led nonprofit corporation dedicated to supporting and serving all Matadors!

As part of your university fees, each CSUN student pays a mandatory CSUN Student Union Fee to provide the wide variety of beneficial programs and services offered by the USU, and everything we do is designed to uplift and empower Matadors like you.

Visit our informative “Where Do Your Fees Go?” webpage to see an in-depth breakdown of how the CSUN Student Union Fee is used to fund exciting events, diversity & inclusion initiatives, student employment opportunities, USU maintenance and support staff and much more. You may also visit our USU Board of Directors website to get personally involved, make important decisions for all Matadors and be part of a lasting legacy of leadership.

As the heart of campus, we are committed to providing meaningful opportunities to optimize your college experience and dedicated to supporting you at your University Student Union … Where Matadors Belong! 

The USU includes the DREAM Center, Pride Center, Computer Lab, East Conference Center, Games Room, Northridge Center, Oasis Wellness Center, Reservations & Event Services, Student Recreation Center, USU Programs, Veterans Resource Center ... and you!