Celebrate Global Diversity and the Many Cultures of CSUN during the USU’s “Carnaval”

March 14, 2022


Northridge — The University Student Union (USU) invites students, faculty and staff to experience Carnaval, our celebration of the world’s diversity and CSUN’s dynamic multicultural community. On Thursday, April 7 from noon to 7 p.m., learn more about special and vibrant cultures and countries through music, dancing, food, art and even more at the Plaza del Sol. Matadors do not want to miss out on this unique opportunity to celebrate the beauty and richness that each culture brings to our planet and the CSUN campus.

“The University Student Union wants to celebrate the multicultural communities that make CSUN and our Matadors unique,” said Luis Hernandez, USU Students Programs Assistant. “Carnaval gives students the exciting opportunity to uplift and explore cultures.”

This year’s Carnaval celebrates colorful and vibrant cultures through diverse dances and performances, various activities and delicious food. Attendees will be able to have beautiful henna tattoos drawn on their hand, snap a photo with their friends at the photo booths and learn more about their life in tarot card readings. This is a special time to learn about your fellow Matadors as we celebrate and acknowledge all the amazing attributes these communities bring to our campus every day!

Beautiful cultures and countries around the world are coming to CSUN at Carnaval! For more information on the USU and this event, please visit

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