Bolster One Another’s Self-Identity and Wellbeing at WISDOM’s Sister Circle

August 23, 2022


WHAT: The Women Inspired to Succeed and Discover Opportunities Through Mentoring (WISDOM) program of the University Student Union (USU) invites all CSUN African American/Black women students to Sister Circle, a supportive space to learn and grow from one another. Attendees will have the opportunity to delve into topics such as self identity, women’s reproductive health, society’s perception of themselves, sense of belonging and even their favorite movies and music. With this special support group, students can build genuine and long-lasting bonds. 

WHO: Selam Woldemariam, Student Retention Initiatives Assistant, is the event lead. 

WHEN: Select Wednesdays (Sept. 14 – Dec. 14) from 1 to 2 p.m. 

WHERE: Panorama City Room, East Conference Center (1st Floor), USU 

WHY: This support network allows African American/Black female students to actively listen and offer insightful advice on shared experiences. In return, they will feel a sense of community at CSUN. 

BACKGROUND: WISDOM’s Sister Circle encourages African American/Black women Matadors to unapologetically be themselves. Please RSVP before attending. For more details, please visit

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