• USU Virtual Computer Lab

Virtual Computer Lab

The University Student Union’s Computer Lab is going virtual! You can now utilize CSUN’s one-stop shop for all things tech from the comfort of your own home. Just follow the instructions below to connect to our virtual Computer Lab and use software like Adobe Creative Cloud, Microsoft Office and more — all for FREE!

Launching and Connecting to the Virtual Computer Lab

  1. Download and install the VMWare Horizon Client program for your operating system.
    Windows, MacOS, iOS, Android, ChromeOS, Linux
  2. Connect to CSUN’s Virtual Private Network (VPN) using the GlobalProtect app.
    For more information on installing and accessing CSUN’s VPN software, visit the CSUN IT VPN webpage.
  3. Open Horizon.
    1. Depending on your operating system, Horizon may prompt for a server address when its first started. If prompted, enter:
    2. If not prompted, click “Add Server,” then enter the server address.
  4. Select the “Connect” button.
  5. Enter your CSUN Portal login information.
  6. Select the “USU Computer Lab” icon to connect. 
  7. If prompted to share local files, choose “Allow” or “Deny.”  
    1. If you choose “Allow, your computer storage can be accessed in the Z: drive of the Virtual Lab.
    2. If you choose “Deny, you will not have access to these files.
    3. This option can be changed in the “Settings” menu.
  8. When finished, simply log off.
    Note: There is a 2-hour time limit

Computer Lab Live Chat & Lab Tech Live Support

Got a question? A Computer Lab Tech is ready to give you the assistance you need to get the job done! Connect with us via the chat button on the bottom right corner of any Computer Lab page, or find out how to get help from the pros remotely by sharing control of your screen with the Lab Tech Live Support app. 

Want some help learning a new program? A Computer Lab Tech is ready to give you the assistance you need to get the job done! Just follow the instructions below to learn how to get help from the pros remotely. 

  1. After connecting to the Virtual Lab, select the “LabAssist” icon on the desktop.
  2. Once the program loads, you must agree to the displayed disclaimer in order to request assistance.
  3. Select the type of assistance you need from the dropdown list, and then select “Send Request.”
  4. Once one of our Lab Techs accepts the request, you will be prompted with a remote assistance connection request. Select “Yes.” 
  5. After you accept the Remote Assistance request, a window will open for the Lab Tech displaying your screen. 
  6. You can initiate a one-on-one chat with a Lab Tech by selecting the “Chat” icon in the toolbar of the Windows Remote Assistance window. You can also select options to pause or stop sharing your screen here. 
  7. Once you’ve been assisted, close the Windows Remote Assistance window to end the session.

Get ready to ace your goals with the Virtual Computer Lab at the USU… Where Matadors Belong!