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Available Software and Services

Available Software

Adobe Creative Cloud

Adobe Creative Cloud

  • Adobe Photoshop


  • Adobe Illustrator


  • Adobe InDesign


  • Adobe Acrobat


  • Adobe Premiere Pro

    Premiere Pro

  • Adobe After Effects

    After Effects

  • Adobe Animate


  • Adobe Dreamweaver


  • Adobe Audition


  • Adobe Bridge


For a complete listing of software available in Adobe Creative Cloud, please visit

Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office

  • Microsoft Word


  • Microsoft Excel


  • Microsoft PowerPoint


  • Microsoft OneNote


  • Microsoft Publisher


  • Microsoft Outlook


  • Microsoft Acces


For a complete listing of software available in Microsoft Office, please visit


Additional Services at the Computer Lab

Explore all the free services available to you!


  • SD Card Reader: Free 

Rental Policy: You must be an enrolled CSUN student to use the rental equipment. All rentals must be immediately returned at the end of your use of the lab’s services. Users who maintain possession of rental equipment beyond the rental period will be issued a temporary ban from all Computer Lab rental services until the equipment is returned. Any repeat violation of extended possession, loss/damage of equipment , and/or renting equipment for anything other than to use Computer Lab services, will result in a permanent ban from the Computer Lab rental services.


10 scanner-equipped workstations

Scanner Policy: Scanner-equipped workstations are for students who need to use the scanner. If you are using a workstation with a scanner and do not need it, you will be asked to move to a different station. 

ADA Accessible Services

  • Each our five ADA accessible stations come equipped with an adjustable chair and table with 24” display.
  • Zoom Text: screen magnifier for Microsoft Windows
  • Kurzweil 3000: Reading and writing software that assists people who are blind, partially sighted or have learning disabilities such as dyslexia and attention deficit disorder.
  • Inspiration: Software that provides educational tools focused on visual thinking such as mind mapping and bubble concepts.
  • JAWS (Job Access With Speech): Screen reader program for Microsoft Windows that allows blind and visually impaired users to read the screen either with a text-to-speech output or by a refreshable Braille display.

Need assistance? Our Computer Lab Technicians are ready to help you and answer any of your computer and software related questions.

Training Lab Reservations

The Training Lab is available for reservation through University Student Union Reservations and Event Services.

Before you leave the Computer Lab, don’t forget to finalize your homework and projects with free access to paper clips, staplers, paper trimmers and hole puncher.