• Print Less, Go Green

Information and Policies

Computer Lab Policies and Procedures

  • No Food

    Food and open-top drinks are NOT permitted.

  • Printing Limited

    Printing is limited to twenty (20) pages per day for each student.

  • Log On with CSUN Credentials

    You can log on using your CSUN username and password.

  • Silence Mobile Devices

    Set mobile devices to silent/vibrate.

  • Use Headphones

    Use headphones when listening to audio.

  • Skateboads, etc.

    Skateboards, scooters and self-balancing boards are NOT permitted. Rack locks are available to rent.

  • Usage Limited to Two Hours

    Computer usage is limited to two hours Monday through Thursday until 5 p.m.; after this time, your usage is limited to four hours. Friday, Saturday and Sunday usage is also limited to four hours. You will automatically be logged off after being idle for 15 minutes.

  • Cannot Connect to Data Ports

    For security purposes, personal laptops CANNOT connect to data ports.

  • Lost and Found

    All Lost and Found items including data storage devices are subject to search.

The University Student Union (USU) is not responsible for any lost or stolen property, including but not limited to USBs, backpacks and textbooks. Failure to adhere to these Policies and Procedures may result in the loss of Computer Lab privileges.



Help Make CSUN More Sustainable

Print Less Paper, Go Green!

Do your part to help make CSUN sustainable by printing your documents two-sided. To align with the campus-wide sustainability efforts, the Computer Lab at the USU is implementing two-sided printing with the default setting of “duplex mode” on all of its printers.

Note: One (1) two-sided page will count as two (2) pages towards your allocation of twenty (20) pages of free printing per day 

If it is a class requirement to print one-sided, you can switch back to single-sided printing as follows:

  1. Click File -> Print
  2. Click Printer Properties
  3. Select the Finishing tab on the Printer Properties window
  4. Uncheck Print on Both Sides
  5. Click OK
  6. Click Print

We appreciate your assistance in moving CSUN to a new standard of sustainability.