• USU Free Printing Gift Cards

USU Free Printing Gift Cards

The Computer Lab of the University Student Union wants to continue supporting our CSUN students who are attending classes virtually this semester. So, we’re offering you USU Free Printing Gift Cards which you can use for free printing at your local Office Depot. The $5 gift card will allow you to print up to 50 pages at  Depot locations nationwide, depending on your preferred redemption method. You can redeem via Office Depot’s Online Portal for 50 pages or via Walk-In Self-Service for 41 pages. Start printing for free with USU Free Printing Gift Cards from the Computer Lab of the USU … Where Matadors Belong.

How to Redeem USU Free Printing Gift Cards

Via Office Depot’s Online Portal

Redeeming your USU Free Printing Gift Card via Office Depot’s Online Portal allows you to print up to 50 free pages. This method allows you to select your printing options from home, offers additional paper options and provides text and email notifications when your order has been printed by Office Depot staff members and is ready to be picked up. A credit card number is required in the event that any refunds or adjustments are necessary.

To Redeem via Online Portal:

  • Visit the Office Depot’s Printing Webpage
  • Upload the file you wish to print and select print options
  • Select the store you wish to have your prints sent to
  • Select ‘Store and Curbside Pickup’
  • Check out and enter the gift card number, along with a credit card number
  • Select your notification options
  • Go to your selected store when you receive notification that your prints are ready
  • Speak to an Office Depot employee at the Print Center to retrieve your prints

Via Office Depot’s Walk-In Self-Service

Redeeming your USU Free Printing Gift Card via Office Depot’s Walk-In Self-Service allows you to print up to 41 free pages. This method does not offer additional paper options and you will be required to place your printing order at a self-serve printing kiosk located within Office Depot. No credit card number is required.

To Redeem via Walk-In Self-Service:

  • Ensure the desired print job is saved on a USB drive or retrievable via email or cloud storage options
  • Visit your local Office Depot store
  • At self-serve printing kiosk, use onscreen prompts to enter gift card number
  • Select file storage location to upload your print job and log in or access file from your USB drive
  • Select print options and click “Print”

Apply Now

Submissions that do not include a CSUN email address will not be awarded gift cards. Gift cards may take up to a week to arrive. If you encounter problems with the online form, please message us through the chat below.