• Student Performing at Inclusive Language Event

The Inclusive Language Campaign at CSUN

If you change your words, you can change the world.

Inclusive Spoken Here: If You Change Your Words, You Can Change the World

Think about the power of your words.

The Inclusive Language Campaign asks all of us to think about the power of words we use every day. We each have our own identity that is made up of many unique elements. Some people may be embarrassed or ashamed of their identity as a result of the language used by others, but no one should have to feel this way. This problem is completely preventable.

You can start by thinking about some of the things you hear every day. The words you use have an impact on others – whether it’s intentional or not. Words can hurt or words can heal. Consider the power of your words as you choose what to say, and consider different ways that you can communicate the same message. If you are offended by someone's language, engage them in a discussion. Ask them what they really meant by what they said.  

Together, sharing each other's stories, we can all better understand the power of our words. If you change your words, you can change the world.